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DIY: Advent Calendar Pinboard December 7, 2011

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Last Christmas I saw this cool tutorial by Katie over at Bower Power. I really wanted to do it last Christmas, but I didn’t. But I finally did it this Christmas with my 2nd trimester energy! I really like it.

The inspiration comes from the Pottery Barn Linen Board Advent Calendar below.

ImageHere’s the breakdown of how I managed to use everything I already owned to complete this project. It does involve some creativity 🙂

I didn’t have a pinboard on hand, BUT I did have a roll of cork. I also had some cardboard from a big box that Reynen’s Christmas present came in.  I cut out two equal pieces of cardboard and glued them together. I laid a couple of heavy books on them for a whole day just to ensure they’d stick well together.

Once my base looked good, I cut out a piece of my cork to and once again used my craft glue to adhere the cork to my backing. Again I laid books on it and let it dry well before moving on.

Here’s a snapshot of my layers. Obviously it’s not the prettiest thing, but it all worked out in the end. You can see two layers of cardboard and then the cork on top.


Here’s what it looked like right after everything was assembled:


Next step was attaching my linen burlap fabric that I already owned. It looks just like linen, only has a more nubby texture to it. I was relieved that I had a piece that was just the right size to stretch it over my board. I used a staple gun to wrap the board like a present.

ImageThe next part required more creativity. To find all the trinkets/ornaments for my advent calendar, I pulled all my existing ornaments out and had about 14 to use that were in the silver/gold/clear/shiny category. I was about to go out and buy 11 more ornaments when my friend Dani suggested I look around for some trinkets to use. So I searched our place high and low and found

  1. White beaded floral pick to cut a piece off
  2. A gemstone brooch
  3. Photo hanging wire and some scrapbook paper to make a custom “L” shape ornament
  4. A cork that had a wire cap on it for me to use as a hanger
  5. A few mini pine cones I could wrap together
  6. A golden star cookie cutter
  7. A straw ball from a bowl of potpourri
  8. Several loose keys to create a strand
  9. Andrew’s Aggie ring
  10. A cluster of sticks from outside
  11. A mini heart shaped whisk from the kitchen

So I ended up having everything I needed to create my advent! I also had the EXACTLY 25 gold headed push pins too 🙂 The rest involved making a template out of white cardstock for the numbers and gift tagish backgrounds. My number sheets were about 1″x2″  and I used a gold sharpie for the numbers.  I pushed the pin into both pieces at the same time to attach the numbers on top of my white gift tag looking pieces.

So here’s my finished product:


I like it! As far as hanging it goes. I hot glued a wide grossgrain ribbon loop to the upper/ mid-back section of cardboard and hung it on a finishing nail. Because it wasn’t a great hanger for the board, I did have to use a small square of double adhesive tape to keep my board level on the wall. So there you have it: my DIY Advent Calendar!



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DIY: Custom Tufted Headboard November 29, 2011

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I’ve been meaning to post several DIY projects I’ve done, as well as decorating the house pictures that I’ve wanted to post. So I’ll be posting a couple over the next days.

I’m sure there are many ways to do a customized headboard, but after reading several blogs online, this is how I tackled the project.

I started out by measuring the width I desired, which for us was 4″ bigger than our bed to allow 2″ on each side. Since I wanted the headboard to be 6′ tall, I bought 2 pieces of plywood and had Lowe’s cut it for me in the store to where I had a 4′ tall piece and a 2′ tall piece.


To assemble the two pieces to make my headboard, I grabbed 8 metal tie plates and some screws. Then I staggered 4 of them on one side and staggered them differently on the reverse side so it would be stable.




Once it was assembled, I decided on where I wanted my tufts to be once I upholstered the headboard. After I marked each to-be tuft with an a penciled “X” mark, I used a small drill bit (big enough for a needle to go through, but not too big) to make my holes. It’s best if you do this step PRIOR to putting batting and fabric so it’s easier to create evenly spaced tufts.

ImageNext was putting on the batting. I didn’t have to use any adhesive since the wood grabbed the batting nice and snugly.  I also the batting I bought wasn’t 6′ wide, but I didn’t really need to pay for more batting that would just be on the bottom of the headboard and not leaned against. So I just bought enough to cover the top half of the headboard. The trickier part to this project was creating the custom fabric piece to cover it. I bought enough fabric to create 3 equal pieces which I sewed to together in order to have 1 big panel for the board. Even though I do have creases on the headboard, you can hardly tell. The rest was easy. Just pulled  tightly and wrapped the board like a present using a staple gun as I went along. I made sure to pull tightly, so that when I did make my tufts the would stand out more.


Last item was to create the tufts. This was the other trickier part of the project, but it turned out great.  I used a method I had seen online. I bought some upholstery thread (you want it to be tough enough to withstand the strain and pull you’ll be putting on it) and then used a regular needle and some buttons.

So here’s what I did. I wove the needle and thread through the button to the front of the headboard and back through the button, using it as the anchor in the back.  Once I felt I had gone through enough times and it was creating a nice tuft. I secured a small finishing nail right next to the button for me to tie the thread off.  And then hammered the nail on top of the button to secure it.  Woila! Tuft completed. The hard part of this stage in the project was being able to make the tufts in the middle of the board. My arm wasn’t able to reach over and do it all by myself.  I had to have Andrew at some points receiving the needle on the other side and threading it back to me.  But we got all of them done and it was a finished project!

I’m very proud of my DIY headboard and had fun with it.  As for costs, it was about a $40-50 project with the batting, fabric, upholstery thread, wood, metal ties, and screws. But I have leftover wood pieces and screws, so not too bad for a custom fit headboard.  🙂


Fall Decor! September 27, 2011

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Today was productive for me.  I:

  • Cleaned the bathroom
  • Made Jell-O
  • Put out Fall decor
  • Stapled and screwed the dining chair seat to the frame
  • Made dinner (chicken, mac-n-cheese, and fresh corn on the cob)
  • Cleaned off our dresser top

I love days when things get done and I have energy to do them.  Thought I’d share my fall decor from today. Andrew liked it.

table decor with old root beer bottles and wheat

I used three old Root Beer bottles I’ve kept and some wheat I got from Hob Lob. I put down a brown scarf/runner under it. Flanking those bottles are two vintage ceramic bowls that have fall colored veggies on them.  I filled them with mini pine cones I scavenged during our family Colorado vacation this summer.  I have plans to use them during Christmas time too.

fireplace mantle

Again I used the wheat and put them in glass mason jars and put one on each side of the mantle for balance. I like them 🙂

I’ve always wanted to do this and finally did. I stuffed a bunch of scrap fall-themed fabric pieces together in a glass vase. I then set it on top of a piece of burlap I had. Burlap = Fall!

Here I just switched out our normal blue candle for a plum colored one and put the jewel toned pillow cover on one existing pillow. I also threw another Indian/patchwork/fall colored pillow cover on another one for the couch but I don’t have a picture of that.

Waste not want not. I took the leftover stubble from cutting the wheat and tied it with a brown ribbon and set it on my brown leaf plate. This is setting on an end table in the living room.

Well there you have it. Beginnings of fall decorating! Loving it!  Can’t wait to grab a few pumpkins here soon 🙂


Party Over Here, Party Over There May 16, 2011

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This month has been CELEBRATIONS galore. I partied with girlfriends, we celebrated Easter, we celebrated Mother’s Day, I partied with my sister & Josh and Kyndall & Keith (and Carsen!) in Dallas, and we’ve been planning Reynen’s big 1st birthday!

Almost 1! Enjoying the Splash Park!

Reynen just recently turned 11 months, which means only 1 more month to go before his BIG day! I’m so excited to CELEBRATE him and to throw him a party!  We’re planning on it being at Hensel Park, right across campus. It has a playground and lots of picnic tables, so I think it’s going to be fun. 🙂

I’m excited to make  the infamous Martha Stewart tissue balls and a homemade pennant flag banner for him, as well as making the cupcakes and Reynen’s smash cake! I’m also really trying to think of something special to do for Reynen to honor him.  I’ll fill you all in after the big bash on what we finally chose to do.  It’s gonna be so much fun!

Hannah & Jaclyn

I also road tripped it up with my homegirls from HG, CELEBRATING our friendships. We spent all day Saturday in downtown Houston looking through Anthropolgie & Pottery Barn, grabbing Starbucks, sharing our likes/dislikes on decor, sharing our lives and issues, eating at Panera Bread, sharing a shoulder to cry on, and eating some AMAZING chocolate cake at The Chocolate Bar.  My in-laws were awesome to come grab Reynen and play with him all day while I hung with the ladies. We had an awesome time!

Me & Andi

We’ve also been hanging out with our homegroup CELEBRATING the end of the semester. Last week we had a family movie night and watched Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.  It was hysterical! We were laughing the whole time. Super funny movie.  We’re about to launch our planning time this week for our summer with HG. Really seeking God on what he’d have us do together this summer.

being a boy - playing in the dirt

This last month we also went out to Lake Sommerville to go fishing to CELEBRATE Andrew being finally done with his student teaching. He’s officially a teacher now! Woohoo. I’m so proud of him. Oh, and just a word of caution. Fishing with a baby in tow is not that easy.  Or let me rephrase, trying to fish TOGETHER with a baby is difficult. We tried the pack-n-play, but he wanted out and to be walking around, so one of us had to be holding, feeding, loving, entertaining him at all times. But even still, we caught some fish! 🙂 At the end of the day, Reynen just sat down and threw dirt all over himself….what a boy.

We’ve seen both sides of the family this month too. We got to see my parents and littlest brother, Joel, on their way back from registering for classes at Ouachita Baptist in Arkansas.  Then last weekend we saw Andrew’s parents and sister at her last dance show.  We also CELEBRATED Katey’s 18th birthday.

I’ve also helped Allison & Josh CELEBRATE his new job by house hunting in Granbury with Allison. Josh watched the kiddos for us all day (what a tropper!) and we drove around all day, hanging out as sisters. It was such a good time together. I also saw the Dollars while I was there, which was the cherry on top!

I also CELEBRATED my 1st Mother’s Day. Reynen gave me a hug! Andrew wrote me a sweet note, we ate with our friends at Pei Wei and had good conversation, and then I got a frappuccino!  The day was a reminder of how truly blessed I am to be a mother. I’m so grateful.

We also CELEBRATED Chirst rising from the grave this month. If he hadn’t been raised from the dead, all hope would be lost.  So I am thankful that he did and that he offers me hope through his resurrected life.

So as you can see, we have been CELEBRATING A LOT over here and have even more to do with graduations and birthdays coming up in a few weeks!


Old Wooden Chair Redo April 8, 2011

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I recently got to refinish an old wooden chair (something I’ve wanted to do for a while). Our neighbors had 2 old wooden chairs on their curb ready for the dump, but I asked if I could take them instead. Of course they agreed. The other one I haven’t touched yet, but I did get to redo one of them.

Here’s the chair in it’s moldy, worn, ugly state:

I went out and bought some 100 grit sand paper, two 2″ angled brushes, and a can of interior/exterior primer. I’ve had this small can of Glidden paint which has been itching to see it’s debut for a while, and it’s day is finally here!  After sanding it (which isn’t hard, but took me some time) and 1 coat of primer, I let it dry for over an hour. Then I put on 2 coats of Spring Leaf by Glidden. I used an oil based primer and latex interior paint.  Since the paint I used is really meant for walls and interiors, I plan on putting a coat of Polyurethane to protect it since it’s sitting outside. I just have to wait until the end of the month for funds.

So here is the Ugly Duckling turned Swan Princess (in chair world):

The chair is settled right next to the front door. In fact I’m actually sitting in it writing this post! It’s such a fun fresh spring color and looks great.

I did learn a few things from this paint job to take onto the next:

  • Don’t skimp on sanding. I was eager to get going with the project and paint (you know the fun parts 🙂 ), but I should have taken a little more time and sanded out a few other areas.
  • Not to worry about coats of paint being too thin. Better to have multiple coats than some clumpy or goopy spots.
  • Try hard not to go over anything immediately after painting it, because it does get sticky/tacky as it drys which makes your paint job look tacky.

So there’s ugly chair turned better than it was. Not perfect, but a fun project none the less!


Home Tour: Kitchen April 1, 2011

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Alright! Last home tour post. Let’s take a look at our kitchen this time. I really enjoy being in our kitchen. I enjoy baking, cooking, and using my espresso machine.

So here’s the BEFORE:

Now here are the AFTERS:

There’s not a lot different as far as what you see at first glance.  But it is less cluttered than before, which is great! I recently purged of some kitchen items and am trying to sell a few things.  Getting things that aren’t used everyday or nearly everyday keeps things looking neater and prettier. In addition to less clutter both on the counters and in the shelves, I’ve branched out of the whole black & red exclusive color scheme. I have a yellow Anthro dish towel, yellow teapot, colorful cookbooks displayed, and put out some yellow fruit usually.

I love my Anthro dish towel. Pretty pricey, but it’s so super cute! I also enjoy my pop of yellow in the teapot and the blue olive oil ceramic bottle.  The backsplash here looks really pink for some reason; it’s tends to look a little pinkish even though they meant for it to a tan color. Oh well.

Reminder when I shared in the Living Room post, that I rip out magazine pages. Well the big Brown and White geometric print binder holds all my loose leaf recipes. I’ve sorted them in categories like appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. So all my Women’s Day magazines & printed recipes go in sheet protectors and get store on the counter.  Now the teal peacock feather binder to the right of the fat one has the same concept, but it holds loose leaf pages from magazines that  I really liked. Everything from decor ideas, articles on how to throw a successful garage sale, spring cleaning checklists, etc. are in sheet protectors and filed in here. It’s fun to disguise all those pages with these cute binders. Plus they add a lot of fun to our kitchen.

I really like old glass jars and old retro cans. The little tea canister sits on top of a funky candle from Target (smells like Pomegrante 🙂 )

So after cleaning the kitchen for this post, I went ahead and left the dishes up for a “true to life” shot. The truth is, we always have dishes either in the sink or in the drying rack. It’s the nature of having no dishwasher, and we cook everyday, sometimes 2 times a day, so they just pile up.  I great way to save on storage in a smaller kitchen and greater accessibility is to use a pot hanger like we have. I love this feature in our kitchen.  Before the shelf was there that entire wall was totally empty. Kinda weird right?  The rack and “S” hooks are from Ikea.

This is my morning nook 🙂 I make my coffee here most mornings. I love my espresso machine and my nifty burr grinder. They’re awesome.  Next to it is a make-shift fruit bowl. I took a pewter dish I had and a glass cake stand I wasn’t using and then added some rolled duck tape in between them. Voila! Isn’t ghetto fab-oo-lous fruit bowl!

In the pictures of the BEFORE, we had magnets and pictures everywhere on our fridge. I think I like having them more clumped together a little more neatly.  We have notes and letters that are important on the side of the fridge.

Last but not least is our pantry. We house charcoal, a whale bathtub, vacuum cleaner, mop/broom, and our pantry items. There are only 2 shelves in our pantry, which necessitated the use of an over the door pantry rack. I think we scored this at Bed Bath and Beyond. I hold mostly spices and baby food in here. Great way to boost storage!

So there you have it folks. I guess the only thing I left out was to open my fridge “Cribs” style, but oh well. That’s not the pretty stuff anyway 🙂 Thanks for joining me in Tour de LeJeune!