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Weekend Trip & Building Faith November 12, 2008

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Andrew & I both had great weekends. It was the first time we had been apart for that long and we found ourselves googly eyed with sighs and “I miss yous.” But I had a great time visiting my great friend Kyndall up in Duncanville and seeing Dallas. We had a great night at a little cafe called The Dream Cafe followed by an upscale visit to the Starbucks in downtown Dallas…mhmmm 🙂 We laughed a lot that night and it was such a sweet time to all be together. Here’s some pictures of that night.

Us Enjoying a Lovely Cup of Estarbucks Coffee

Us Enjoying a Lovely Cup of Estarbucks Coffee


Roomate Reunion

Roomate Reunion

The next day all the roomates were able to come together for a mini reunion over lunch at Kyndall’s house. It was so neat to all be sitting around the table together.


Kyndall and I ran around White Rock–BEAUTIFUL! And then she took me to dinner that night at the Blue Mesa Grill- Yumo!

Us at the Blue Mesa Grill

Us at the Blue Mesa Grill

Andrew’s weekend was good, filled with lots of time with the Lord on Friday night at the Abadoned Devotion Gathering. The Lord was so good to reveal some things that we’ve been specifically praying about. One exciting thing was Andrew’s desire to pray for injustice around the world, persecution, and our leaders. He was so fired up after that night! Another thing that pumped us up was his desire to sign a two year commitment card to serve as missionaries cross culturally. This is exciting news! We still need to pray hard about this commitment, but if it is God’s plan it will be an astounding journey of faith and fun!

God is building our faith right and left. He is faithful and continues to challenge us to go deeper with him. Isn’t he sweet?


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