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WorldFest & Thanksgiving December 3, 2008

Filed under: Pictures,Travel — Andrew & Amanda LeJeune @ 9:16 pm

Two weekends ago I guess it was I attended a multicultural event in downtown Bryan called WorldFest. It was super neat. You could try new foods, talk to people from all over the world right there in our town, and watch live performances! My friends Miriela and I went for the afternoon to spend some time together. It was fun to walk around and talk. I really cherrish our friendship that the Lord has given us. I got to dress in a native Indian wedding Sari. The woman kept telling me to buy it for my wedding. When I told her I was already married she said, “Wear it for your anniversary!” haha.

Andrew & I had Thanksgiving at Darrel & Susan’s this year. It was relaxing and pleasant. Susan made an awesome meal and I was put in charge of the yams (Darrel’s favorite, so I couldn’t mess up!). They turned out fine since I had a fool proof receipe.


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