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Jesus our Reason for this Season December 24, 2008

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Jesus Has Come!I’ve been thinking lately about the real meaning of why we celebrate Christmas. I must admit truly rejoicing over the meaning of Christmas for many years was distracted in my heart with spending time with family, eating, and presents. But I am growing up more in the Lord and my heart rejoiced this morning on the preciousness of what I am celebrating this week.  We are rejoicing over the miracle of our God coming in flesh in order to one day suffer and die for us. That is incredible. Truly it is. There’s so much mystery wrapped around our wonderful God. No one is like him, who would humble himself as a baby.

As I just listened to Ravi Zacharias on You Tube talking with students about their deep questions around the Trinity, how to be a non adversial Christian, homosexulaity, atheism, and feminism, I was struck with awe through this very gifted speaker on just how special Jesus is. He is really AWEsome. I love using that word for him. It fits him to the tee. Oh Lord, you’re so great and awesome! We celebrate your coming to save us! We love you Lord! My heart cries out: Oh Lord, you are SO worthy! Worthy are you Father. You came to us. As in Bethany Dillon’s beautiful song called “You Are On Our Side,” the line I love is: ” when you could be silent and leave us here to die, still you sent your Son for us, You are on OUR SIDE!”

How grateful I am this morning to remember the sweetness of His beautiful heart towards us. What a sweet mystery we’ve been entrusted to proclaim. I pray God is merciful as I continue to throw off my selfishness in agenda, insecurities, and fears to proclaim this truth that blesses my heart. Christmas is a wonderful reminder of our King. The prophecy fulfilled, a new hope dawning like the rising of the sun– can’t you just feel the awe well up in your heart as you close your eyes and let the story of Christ lovingly coming down to save us from our hopelessness fill your heart with joy and peace. It makes me tearful. Thank you Lord. We worship you this week.


One Response to “Jesus our Reason for this Season”

  1. Kyndall Says:

    Amanda, Thank you sister for writing this. It is truly AWEsome. There is none like Him. I watched The Nativity Story last night and it is truly amazing how the plans of the Lord are forever and no weapon formed against Him will prosper in getting in the way of His will. Bless the LORD! A good song I listened to the other day. I believe Keith Green wrote it, but I listened to Katheryn Scott’s version. <- Look it up (I found it on her myspace page). It is called “There is a Redeemer”:

    There is a Redeemer, Jesus, God’s own son.
    Precious Lamb, Holy One.
    Thank you, oh my Father for giving us Your son and
    leaving us Your Spirit until the work on earth is done.

    Love you Amanda.

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