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Recent Goodness January 27, 2009

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Ahhh… is one of those days that everything in me wants to be curled up on a couch with a blanket, cozy,  sipping on something warm, and either reading or relaxing with a good movie.  I know it’s not the right way to use most of my time, but I’d sure love some of it today!

I have been grateful for the grace of God this week. He really has poured out his spirit into my heart anew to produce a fresh desire and love for spending time with him and being usable for His purposes. My time through Acts has revealed many things on who the Holy Spirit is, what it does, when it comes, etc. I’ve also turned to reading some of John Piper’s thoughts on the Holy Spirit. These have given me good insight and knowledge.

I got some new glasses! And while I was there, I was able to encourage a woman named Triva who through her stories, has a husband who could be more considerate and loving towards her. However, I encouraged her to honor the Lord through obedience in patience and creating a safe, wonderful home. I told her God will honor her if she is obedient to loving her man even when he is unkind or unthoughtful. I was also able to share with her the analogy that marriage is: Christ and his Bride, the Church. She said, “Everything you say is true!” I told her that I’d be praying for her and her husband Leon.  I gave her a hug and said, ” I’ll look forward to seeing you when I come back to get my glasses.” And I really do want to see her again. I pray God grants me an insight through his spirit on what and how to pray for the Owen family.


Investing for the Future January 9, 2009

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A thought came to me this morning as I sat down to spend some time with the Lord. I was searching out the Word for some vision and promises from God that result from submission. If I just submit because  I’m told to do so, but I don’t have a vision for why or if I just do a “tough it out” kinda thing, I won’t receive the real benefits of submitting to my husband in everything.  So I was asking God to show me some promises from his word about what submitting does for us. I know it might sound selfish but I wanted to know, “What good is this going to bring me?” “What can I expect out of submitting to my husband day in day out?” What truth will stir my heart to joyfully and thankfully submit?

I started to read Proverbs 31 again. I read verse 30-31 which says, “but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Give her the reward she has earned,  and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.  I also read verses like:

  • Ruth 2:12, told unto Ruth from Boaz after watching her doing good: “May the LORD repay you for what you have done.”
  • Psalm 18:24 “The LORD has rewarded me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands in his sight.”
  • Matthew 16:27 “For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what he has done.”

What I believe God was speaking this morning over me was the great investment that occurs in a life well lived for the glory of God.  When you put money into a money market account or retirement account, you are investing in the future and expecting that your money later down the road will have increased in value. In the same way, my vision for doing good, following in the Lord’s ways, is that someday great will be my reward in Heaven (Luke 6:35). My life (what I do here) invested for the King’s sake will return as an eternity of riches. How can I joyfully submit to my husband even if he’s not correct, unloving, or inconsiderate or when I don’t feel like it? Through his promise for me. With his promises I can hope and know my decision to obey is not in vain. I am believing in a God who pours out repayment for all that’s been done here on earth, both good and bad. I am not saying you can earn your salvation, but according to God words, He will take account of what we’ve done on earth (Romans 14:12).

My great reward will be seeing His beautiful face and having such a deep love for Him in my heart. It will be to have Him pleased with me and richly bless me with his nearness. It will be to get to see Him smile and say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I want to know that I’ve pleased Him. There is such peace for my heart in his pleasure. I want Him to be proud of me and say that line above to me when I see Him face to face. That will be a great dividend of my time invested here on earth doing good and obeying Him. My life is my investment for now and eternity.

This is so big for me, because this truth, that now matters, reminds me that each moment IS important. It’s not just about being saved and “getting into Heaven” – like the bare minimum to ensure myself. I don’t want to have arrived and not experience the FULLNESS of God’s reward and sweetness. God sees and remembers. It means that while I am here not with him, I am to be faithful to live without seeing HIM, my reward. My lasting reward will not come right away probably. Even praise from husband and children for the good that wives do may not come right away. But God promises us He will remember and reward us. So wives, daughters, sisters and friends, let us invest all our eggs in one basket. Let’s put all our energies into living faithfully because great will be our reward in Heaven. The truth of this promise for me and my love for Him will be my vision for service, obedience, and for doing good all the days of my life.


Fa La La La La–Our Two Weeks January 8, 2009

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We had a nice Christmas together. Our first one as a married couple! It was filled with laughter, fun, exercise, and LOTS of traveling. We spent Christmas Eve/Day with Darrel and Susan and took a 10.5 hour road trip to the tippy top of Texas in Stratford so that we could travle across to Red River, New Mexico to ski/snowboard with my Dad’s side of the family. Here are the views and some pictures from our trip.

We were blessed to attend Joseph and Courtney’s wedding. Andrew was a handsome groomsmen and we LOVED hanging out with the Patty family that

Andrew is doing well in support raising. We have almost all of it in! Praise you LORD. Andrew is about to start school on Jan. 20th. I’m back at work and am gearing up for our busy season for us in accounting. 

I’m still learning so much about being a good help meet for Andrew. It’s no easy task. It’s also not something that just plops in your lap. You have to work to be a great wife. It’s tough at times. I was encouraged through reading “Created to Be His Help Meet” to fear the Lord more and to obey his plans for my life as a wife. I’m just starting to practice slowing down and considering what I’m about to say, how I’m responding, and why before I say and do things in regards to servicing my home and Andrew. Keep praying for us to glorify God through our marriage.