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Fa La La La La–Our Two Weeks January 8, 2009

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We had a nice Christmas together. Our first one as a married couple! It was filled with laughter, fun, exercise, and LOTS of traveling. We spent Christmas Eve/Day with Darrel and Susan and took a 10.5 hour road trip to the tippy top of Texas in Stratford so that we could travle across to Red River, New Mexico to ski/snowboard with my Dad’s side of the family. Here are the views and some pictures from our trip.

We were blessed to attend Joseph and Courtney’s wedding. Andrew was a handsome groomsmen and we LOVED hanging out with the Patty family that

Andrew is doing well in support raising. We have almost all of it in! Praise you LORD. Andrew is about to start school on Jan. 20th. I’m back at work and am gearing up for our busy season for us in accounting. 

I’m still learning so much about being a good help meet for Andrew. It’s no easy task. It’s also not something that just plops in your lap. You have to work to be a great wife. It’s tough at times. I was encouraged through reading “Created to Be His Help Meet” to fear the Lord more and to obey his plans for my life as a wife. I’m just starting to practice slowing down and considering what I’m about to say, how I’m responding, and why before I say and do things in regards to servicing my home and Andrew. Keep praying for us to glorify God through our marriage.


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