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Recent Goodness January 27, 2009

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Ahhh… is one of those days that everything in me wants to be curled up on a couch with a blanket, cozy,  sipping on something warm, and either reading or relaxing with a good movie.  I know it’s not the right way to use most of my time, but I’d sure love some of it today!

I have been grateful for the grace of God this week. He really has poured out his spirit into my heart anew to produce a fresh desire and love for spending time with him and being usable for His purposes. My time through Acts has revealed many things on who the Holy Spirit is, what it does, when it comes, etc. I’ve also turned to reading some of John Piper’s thoughts on the Holy Spirit. These have given me good insight and knowledge.

I got some new glasses! And while I was there, I was able to encourage a woman named Triva who through her stories, has a husband who could be more considerate and loving towards her. However, I encouraged her to honor the Lord through obedience in patience and creating a safe, wonderful home. I told her God will honor her if she is obedient to loving her man even when he is unkind or unthoughtful. I was also able to share with her the analogy that marriage is: Christ and his Bride, the Church. She said, “Everything you say is true!” I told her that I’d be praying for her and her husband Leon.  I gave her a hug and said, ” I’ll look forward to seeing you when I come back to get my glasses.” And I really do want to see her again. I pray God grants me an insight through his spirit on what and how to pray for the Owen family.


One Response to “Recent Goodness”

  1. Kyndall Says:

    yay! a new post. I check it often and get excited when I get to hear about what’s going on, even though we do a pretty good job at keeping up with each other. Love you and want to see your face soon 🙂

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