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Season Opener: January February 4, 2009

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This past weekend Andrew & I went camping out near Lake Somerville at a place called Nails Creek State Park. We were practically the only ones there camping besides the couple in their RV and potted plants they brought with them!

Camp Fire Cooking

Camp Fire Cooking

We took the trip to reflect on last year and to set goals and pray over this coming year. It was also a time for us to get away together. It was a good weekend. We did reflect and did set both fun goals and spiritual ones. For example: We would like to do something cool for our 1st Anniversary. Another goal is to continue memorizing Romans 8 and to have it finished by next year –it’s going to take a while.

We also got to fish for a little while, something Andrew absolutely loves!

Fishing Fun...we didn't catch anything though

Fishing Fun...we didn't catch anything though

Deer where everywhere

Prancing Deer in the early morn

I felt the Lord pressing on my heart to use more of my free time and mental free time at work and at home to memorize more scripture. As I was reading through Psalm 139 on Saturday morning, the verse where David exclaims, “How precious are your thoughts O God! Were I to count them they would out number the sand….When I awake I am still with you.” This struck a chord in me. It correlates with a little book I’ve been reading called Our Jealous God by Bill Gothard where he encourages us in loving God with all our hearts by means of meditating on God’s words day and night. He shared how meditating on the word at night produced a new intimacy during the night with the Lord through spiritual dreams, and then in the morning awakening with the sweet aftertaste of being with the Lord and having his mind tuned into the Lord already because of where his heart had rested that evening.

Beautiful Sunrise on Our Campsite

Beautiful Sunrise on Our Campsite

This passage paired with reading Psalm 139 anew God used to urge me in storing up  good in my heart so that out of the overflow of my heart, my mouth will speak good things (Luke 6:43-45).  This was the other area that recently God has encouraged me to pursue more carefully, the usage of my speech. I can be so flippant in this area.  So I am excited to spend more mental and physical free time in meditating on the word, being filled up with good stuff, and seeing the fruit through my speech.

Andrew is getting to read a lot of scripture through his New Testament class, which he says is enough Seminary for him 😀 It’s a mind challenging class in many ways. Andrew is keeping faithful to studies and working really hard. My prayer is God blesses him for his efforts. He’s still looking around at job opportunities that may arise. Change here we come!

Date Nights are on Friday now! This week we are going to cash in our Double Dave’s free pizza rolls and take up a Cold Stone 2/$5 coupon and have Pizza and Ice Cream Date Night! Whoop. I love my hubby and LOVE spending time with him.

I’ve been doing more couponing work too, trying to find really good deals. We are fixing to talk to our friend next week, he’s an economist.  It should be interesting to get some of his financial advice. We are growing in wisdom on how to use our finances well.


One Response to “Season Opener: January”

  1. Holly Says:

    Sending love your way!!

    Thanks for the good words about speech and how meditating on the Word gives spiritual dreams — good stuff.

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