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Good To Us February 24, 2009

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Hello anyone out there who reads this!

Yesterday I read good stuff about fasting on-line through Campus Crusades Bill Bright. You can learn how to fast safely and effectively here. It was good stuff. Really encouraged me. I think it brought fasting to a new light for me and definitely gave me wisdom on how to fast and get the most out of it.

Andrew had an informational interview type thingy last Thursday for a Chiropractic Assistant position. We were both super encouraged by the experience. The owner Dr. Stephenson sounds like a believer…he said they would narrow down candidates and then pray over the decision! So we’re hoping to hear soon about another interview.

I’ve been encouraged by God lately so much. Finding joy in His presence and in His love. There’s a woodpecker that I hear many mornings that makes me smile. It’s a sweet little tap tap tap tap that I enjoy. I thank God for that little guy out there.

Andrew & I listen to American Family Radio most days and really enjoy the hard labor they do for the Kingdom against today’s culture. I really enjoy listening to Matt Friedeman’s show where he encourages us to be in the fight –that is the battle for the Kingdom of God to come, for our country, etc.  With me being married and now 23 I think I’m beginning to feel older and more responsible than I have before to stand up and fight for what’s righteous, good, and beneficial not only for my generation but others following behind us. If you want to listen to the Matt Friedeman show you can visit AFR @ where you can watch and listen live. They have talk radio all day long on all the current political, spiritual, and economical issues. You can also visit his Facebook page called the “Matt Friedeman Show.”

A great victory for me this weekend! I colead worship on Sunday morning through singing and playing piano and DIDN’T GET NERVOUS! Usually my hands get really sweaty and its hard for me to play because I’m in a paralyzed funk. I really felt God’s wings of protection holding me in from remembering the crowd. And this was the one thing I requested of God that morning: to be able, even if for snippets of the songs, to truly worship. That skill would come and I wouldn’t be so focused on the notes and the actual song to miss worshipping God. And God did that for me the entire time, even though we did mess up on timing and stuff. It didn’t even bother me. I just gave my efforts and worshiped him! Yippee! I feel so much more confident in my ability to lead now. I have confidence God will help me to experience him even when I’m leading.

And…. on Sunday morning God’s presence was encouraging. That morning I had read Psalm 31:19

How great is your goodness,
which you have stored up for those who fear you,
which you bestow in the sight of men
on those who take refuge in you.

I was meditating on God’s abundance of goodness and how he wants to pour it on us if we fear him.  Then in church we had a tongue and our pastor explained how in the word it says that tongues are given as a prayer from God to us, not always like “God is saying this to us…” So the tongue was spoken and someone shared the  interpretation: “God is good.” Right after that, the wife of the man recently arrested and in an addictive disease got up to share her many thanks to God and to tell us her husband’s progress. It was great. We went on the to the next song which was…haha…Good to Me which has the lines “for you are good, for you are good, for you are good to me…” After the song Steve Kessler told us that after the tongue had been shared, he had the thought of that exact song and then we sang it! I believe God wanted us to focus on how GOOD he is!


One Response to “Good To Us”

  1. Kyndall Says:

    Amanda, That was all very encouraging. Thanks for sharing. I think I remember that wood pecker 🙂 Hopefully he’ll be pecking away when I am there in a few weeks 🙂

    Thanks also for sharing how the Lord moved through ya’lls service. I feel spurred on to press on deeper into the Lord for His presence.

    Lub Ju.

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