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Back and Forth March 4, 2009

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That’s what the weather’s been like here at least. One day cold, the other hot. It’s quite amusing and keeps us on our toes. But this past Saturday was a lovely day, despite the high mile an hour winds, for my neighbor Pam and I to celebrate her birthday. We had fun. I had such a good time preparing for it, cooking the food and setting it up all cutsy and stuffs. 😀 Picture to come.

Only 10 more days till Andrew goes on his first overseas trip to Milan, Italy! Whoop! I’m so excited for him. I have a feeling God is going to do good things through this trip for us. I’m also excited that, though my hubby will be away for a week, I’ll have Kyndall with me!! This is way exciting for me, cuz I love her company and really enjoy mornings with her. I remember when we lived together. Saturday’s we’d get up with Kirsten, Courtney, and Kim and have muffins and Casi Celo or some other Starbucks coffe. Yum….I miss those times. I’m hoping for some more of that when she visits.

Actually on the topic of coffee….I was told by a friend that in a recent taste test Eight O’Clock Coffee actually beat out Starbucks and Folgers and others. So I decided to find it at the store and try it out. It’s good. At least, good enough for me. I mainly drink coffee using my espresso machine at home, and because I make myself a latte, I don’t really taste the coffee without cream and sugar. BUT what sold me was the price. It’s $3.69 for a bag of Regular/Columbian Arabic whole bean coffee and each bag contains a $1 off coupon for the next purchase. SO each one thereafter is only $2.69. Not bad for one of the best coffees according to consumer reports!

Andrew and I are trying to find our way through the sea of financial decisions. I sometimes feel overwhelmed, but I trust God to guide us. But that’s definetly one of our top prayer requests. Wisdom in this area, sensitivity to the Spirit’s guiding on where we should invest our money.

I don’t wish to be tossed back and forth like the sea or the wind or the weather. I want to stand firm. I often am so wishy washy with my God sometimes.  I cry out to him to be  my rock and solid foundation!  Oh how I need you Lord! Hold me together I pray.


One Response to “Back and Forth”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Amanda! our weather in FL has been like that too…crazy!!

    I think it is finally settling down for awhile though, it has been beautiful.

    I am so excited that Kyndall is coming to stay with you! That will be soo fun 🙂

    and thanks for the heads up on 8 o clock coffee…i think we have had it before because it was so affordable, but we might have to check it out again!

    love you

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