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Recession March 11, 2009

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UPDATE!!!:  YOU CAN READ BELOW AND THIS WILL MAKE SENSE: My boss just called me in this afternoon and offered me my job back again. He said he had prayed about it and if I still wanted the job then I’d be adding more to my work load but I’d have it back.  So praise God for that quick turn around. We’ll still be praying about it but I am thankful.

Well, yesterday I found out that as of May 15th I won’t be working for Jefferson Christian Homes, probably.  My boss told me that they are just having a rough time and if things don’t change within the next few months then I’ll be leaving on May 15. I have freedom to job search and take anything before if it comes up.

I was really sad yesterday when I heard the news and honestly a little shocked. I had not thought this recession and slow economy would touch me. I thought we were pretty steady and safe with my job status, but here we are.

You know, God is good. He prepared me to receive this I believe. I had just recently listened to John Piper’s sermon called “What is the Recession For?” He says there are many purposes for recessions. One of these is to help us come back to trusting Him over money and jobs. He says that God also uses these to show us our sins, to make us cry out and be humbled, and to remember the poor who have always been poor and their situation never lessens. I listened to this sermon and then yesterday morning was reading in Jer. 31 about how God says he’ll restore Israel their new wine, grain and oil and that he will give the bounty of himself to them. I was praying and thanking God for this recession yesterday morning for the purposes it will have in my life and in the churches.

What perfect things God used to set my heart up to receive yesterday’s news. Andrew said to me, “I’m not afraid. We get to see God move and work. This may be the best thing that could have happend to us.”  Now, without my job here and Andrew not having anything specifically lined up for after graduation, there comes into view this new greater possibility of us moving away from College Station.  It hit me that this is not an easy thing for me to swallow. I really have made this place home.  Uprooting to a new place seems a little scary and unfamiliar. But I know that God has his perfect plans in mind.  I will not  even try to guess what those are…I’m sure I’d come up short.

Please be in prayer for us as we search for jobs and God’s leading during this time. I don’t know what He wants to do but I desire to go where He’s leading. If God wants me to stay and stay in this position He’ll open the door and if not, that’s okay.  We’ll see where He wants me and where he wants Andrew.

I know God’s hand is upon my life when I see Him doing things like this. I know that He is jealous for me when I lose my job and Andrew doesn’t have one yet. He’s stretching us. I know that He is fiercly fighting for more of my whole heart being faithful to him and trusting. He is jealous for me when he thrusts me into recession, where I cannot rely on anything but Him and knowledge that he works out all things for good.  He is using this situation in our lives to give us greater measures of faith, more testimonies of his goodness, more intimacy in his provision and loving care.  He is actively sanctifying us.  And I love that He loves us enough to care and not let us be the same.


3 Responses to “Recession”

  1. Rachel Says:

    So….. Dallas?? 🙂

  2. Andrew & Amanda LeJeune Says:

    haha. Rachel, if I have to move any where, honestly I would love for it to be Dallas. I just enjoy that place a lot. maybe so….?

  3. Holly Says:

    I’ve gotta say… I’m stoked about this. This sounds awfully familiar to what started happening to me around April 15 last year. Job stuff changed, city changed, direction of life semi-changed, and it’s BEEN THE MOST ADVENTUROUS YEAR OF MY LIFE since then!! Not the easiest year by any stretch, but I TOTALLY agree with Andrew. I read his comment twice where he said this may be the best thing that could happen to you. I agree! God is so good! Girl, this is an opportunity to go on this “wild adventure of faith” we talked about. It’s so stretching and so fun. I think nothing builds intimacy with our Father like needing Him. You’re in for it! And I’m so excited! I see Him preparing you for what’s ahead, and it will be different than you expect but OH SO WORTH IT!! 🙂

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