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Lets see…. April 15, 2009

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where did we leave off….It’s been a while of updating the blogster. So here we go!

Andrew graduates in a month from today! Whoo Hoo! He’s done an OUTSTANDING job at keeping up with school work. I’m so proud of him for his discipline and determination.  So we’re gearing up for change. I can’t wait.  I know we’ll still be busy at times, but I’m really looking forward to being able to have my playmate around without studies 😀

I have been working with my sister and Mom on wedding planning stuff, which is fun to be a part of.  I sewed a seat cushion for my chair at work that just makes me happy. The fabric is so fun.  I also am eager to do more spring cleaning.  It’s funny how when it becomes sunny I just want to rearrange, declutter, give away, and the like.  It’s like a new coat of paint or something.  New, shiny, fresh feeling.  Yay springtime!

Easter was fun. We went fishing AND caught fish AND ate them for dinner that night.  Andrew was like a little kid at Christmas. He loves fishing. He had me set out my clothes the night before and get everything together.  It was so fun watching him totally enjoy himself. We had a good time fishing together.  We enjoyed a sweet Good Friday too.  We ate supper with a large group of people and then went to church for a communion/worship/baptism service.  I love hearing the testimonies children and adults give about why they are being baptized.  And having everyone gathered outside to watch just makes us feel like family.  Praise God for changed lives! Easter Sunday we were blessed to spend with Neva and James (our marriage counselors), Fallon and Steve Swindell and Joseph and Courtney Patty. We had an AWESOME lunch!  It was a long, restful, and blessed weekend in remembering our Savior and celebrating his victory over death! Whoo hoo!

Pray for Andrew & I as we’ve both had bad stomach acid reflux/sour stomachs for the last week or so.  It’s distracting for Andrew as he studies and it’s making me wean off of coffee for a bit 😦  Oh well, it’s probably really good for me to break away for a while anyways.

Andrew’s dunking his Aggie Ring this weekend on Friday night! whoop! And Dani and I are making an awesome dessert:  Chocolate Berry Cheesecake.  Hope it tastes as good as it looks.


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