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Counseling May 19, 2009

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This is what we’ve been praying about pursuing. Andrew gets really excited about counseling and we can see how it would be a good fit for him. So we’ve been looking into seeing what it takes to get a Master’s in Counseling and the different programs out there.

It’s really exciting.  There are so many things to consider but we’re praying for God to just lead us on and we’ll follow even though there are many things that would have to be in place (namely funds) in order for us go somewhere.

We’re looking into Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida and Jackson, Mississippi as well as other campuses.  Andrew is calling counselors that he’s been referred to to chat with them and get some advice and wisdom.  This may be a job that God will allow Andrew to do but just not yet; we’re not sure.  BUT join with us in praying.  Oh man, this is the best thing to do for us.  We KNOW that God wants to lead us and that he’s faithful to take care of us in life, so we’re waiting on Him.

If you have any contacts or suggestions on schooling or how to get funding or wisdom on how to conduct looking at how to pay for something like this, let’s hear it.  Thanks for your prayers friends!!! We love you!


Going Deeper: Arising to a more biblical worldview May 13, 2009

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God has been reminding me through multiple ways that he wants to take me deeper.  I feel as if he’s trying to recenter me and challenge me further in how I think about certain things.  One of the ways he’s reminding me to refocus and go deeper is through this past Sunday’s  message out of 1 Peter 4 that talks about the end times.

The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray. 8Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 9Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. 10Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. 11If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.

Andrew & I left very challenged and spurred on. It was good for us to get some practical insight on how to be clear minded. Our pastor says that for him to be clear minded he needs to spend time in the morning with the Lord and to memorize the Word.  Getting up with the Lord in the mornings is something I want to do and even want to want to do most times.  I do read something usually int he mornings and pray but I long to have longer times in the morning to spend with the Lord before the day.  I need more discipline and commitment to the Lord to make this happen.

On top of this encouragement, today I was reading a friends blog and a sentence caught my eye. He said, “I want to start doing the things I say I’m going to do. I’m going to meet my neighbors, I’m going to do….” It challenged me to not just have a long list of want to dos but never actually DOING them.

Again, I was reading on my friend Holly’s blog and was listening to her music and the song ” I Wanna Go Deeper” came on.

I got frustrated today listening to what’s going on in our world and thought to myself, “But what are YOU doing about it?”  I need not just say I want things to change but not be active in the community serving, loving and praying for those in my community and world.

And then again today as I was listening this morning to the Matt Friedman show he was reading off a girl’s note in his seminary class. She said, “I need God to give me a total worldview change. I can’t make that change happen. I need God to change me view.  Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time looking at new cars for when I’m able to get a new car. At the end of everything when Christ comes back it won’t matter what color my car is or what I drove. It doesn’t matter now.” And then Matt said something to the effect of “…it doesn’t matter how decorated your home is, how you succeeded in this life, etc.”  The Spirit just punched me with that one about decorating.  I’ve spent so much time dwelling on how much it would cost to get these few items, looking for cheap ways to decorate and redo.  While these aren’t bad in themselves, I get easily consumed and use too much of my time on them.  As the end draws near, I want my gaze and focus to be constantly growing in depth and insight into the real eternal things not the fleeting and material things.  O Lord help us arise and grant us a bigger deeper vision and understanding of you, of how to view the world.  I need his help to be clear minded and self controlled in this present age as I wait for my blessed hope, the appearing of my great God and Savior Jesus Christ (Titus 2:11-14).


Go get you some coupons! May 7, 2009

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It’s true…head on over to Surviving The Stores and awesome website in coupons, savings, deals, etc.  She’s giving away 5 coupon inserts.  You could win them.  Head on over now and leave a comment here!


Fresh Fun

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Last night we dressed up like hippos…or tried to at least. It consisted of us wearing our bedsheets stuffed with pillows around us with duck tape ears? I dunno. It was a little lame looking, but fun.  We had a Noah’s Ark themed end of the semester party for our homegroup.  It was our last party with them 😦  But, we’ll see most everyone at church, so not all that sad. 🙂

Here’s a picture of what’s called sword fighting. If you’ve never seen boys play this you should. They are funny and it’s a lot like wrestling only your trying to touch the other person with your finger.  It’s pretty fun to watch. Here’s Andrew and Dan getting after it.

Brute Strength!

Brute Strength!

And here’s how we drove to the party and arrived:

Hippos? Or maybe oversized mice? or weirdos in their bedsheets?

Hippos? Or maybe oversized mice? or weirdos in their bedsheets?

Everyone had to bring a coordinating dessert with them.  Ours: Hippo Pot De Mousse, a Ghiradeli chocolate mousse…yummo! haha.

Oh so here’s the picture of my wreath I made. I took a picture of it this morning.  It’s “supposed” to be for indoor use only, but I put it outside.  Hence a little drooping on my paper  and fabric florals.  But I still like it and it only cost me 50 cents.  I bought a clearance 10″ straw wreath at Joann’s. 🙂 Sweet.  Cool thing is I can always take off the flowers and decorate it for the seasons if I wanted to.


I’m excited about the crafty/homey things I’ve had so much fun learning this year! Like this apron I made!picture-0431

ANNNNNDDDD speaking of this year….we’re coming up kinda soon on our 1st year ANNIVERSARY.  Whoop! Any suggestions on what we should do? Or what you and your hubby are going to do for yours or did for your 1st anniversary?  We’ve got some ideas and likes, but not sure what we’ll be able to afford to do just yet, but it’s a goal of ours to really do something cool for it.  So let me hear any suggestions that you have!

Here’s some pretty flower pics to brighten your day!



Laser Tag and other fights May 6, 2009

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YES! I played laser tag for the very first time ever last night and it was a blast! Totally fun.  We went with our homegroup. The guys, including Andrew loved all the stealth, combat, gun aspects of the game of course.  It was a fairly good work out.  I was sweating after each round. We had fun. Played a little DDR  (yay. I like this game) and speed racing motorcycles.  It was good to have fun with our friends before we switch to the young married couples homegroup in the summer.

Andrew and I have been doing good, but we are striving to learn how to fight off anxiety and stress. It’s been a difficult few weeks of back and forth for us.  But is our Rock. Our fortress and shelter.  We’re trusting in HIM, Jesus, the man. He is faithful to us. That’s just so sweet.  He loves us and is watchful over us with only what is good planned for us.

Andrew has been applying to multiple jobs in the area. He’s leaning towards sales/customer service arena to start off in. We’ll see where that leads us.  If you have any leads/suggestions they are very welcomed.

My latest craft was making a small Spring time wreath for our front door.  I’ll get a picture set up a little later, but it’s cute.  You can see what I modeled it from here.

And hopefully soon I’ll get to try my hand on the skirt pattern that Ashley Carter did a while back. I really liked it and have never attempted using a pattern, so I want to use it as my kickoff to learning!

We’re excited for Andrew to have his evenings free pretty soon (or for the most part)! Tee minus 9 days!