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Laser Tag and other fights May 6, 2009

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YES! I played laser tag for the very first time ever last night and it was a blast! Totally fun.  We went with our homegroup. The guys, including Andrew loved all the stealth, combat, gun aspects of the game of course.  It was a fairly good work out.  I was sweating after each round. We had fun. Played a little DDR  (yay. I like this game) and speed racing motorcycles.  It was good to have fun with our friends before we switch to the young married couples homegroup in the summer.

Andrew and I have been doing good, but we are striving to learn how to fight off anxiety and stress. It’s been a difficult few weeks of back and forth for us.  But is our Rock. Our fortress and shelter.  We’re trusting in HIM, Jesus, the man. He is faithful to us. That’s just so sweet.  He loves us and is watchful over us with only what is good planned for us.

Andrew has been applying to multiple jobs in the area. He’s leaning towards sales/customer service arena to start off in. We’ll see where that leads us.  If you have any leads/suggestions they are very welcomed.

My latest craft was making a small Spring time wreath for our front door.  I’ll get a picture set up a little later, but it’s cute.  You can see what I modeled it from here.

And hopefully soon I’ll get to try my hand on the skirt pattern that Ashley Carter did a while back. I really liked it and have never attempted using a pattern, so I want to use it as my kickoff to learning!

We’re excited for Andrew to have his evenings free pretty soon (or for the most part)! Tee minus 9 days!


One Response to “Laser Tag and other fights”

  1. Ashley Says:

    oooh sounds like fun!! i haven’t laser tagged in forever!!

    i like the model for your wreath too– very fun…let me know when you start that skirt pattern!

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