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Fresh Fun May 7, 2009

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Last night we dressed up like hippos…or tried to at least. It consisted of us wearing our bedsheets stuffed with pillows around us with duck tape ears? I dunno. It was a little lame looking, but fun.  We had a Noah’s Ark themed end of the semester party for our homegroup.  It was our last party with them 😦  But, we’ll see most everyone at church, so not all that sad. 🙂

Here’s a picture of what’s called sword fighting. If you’ve never seen boys play this you should. They are funny and it’s a lot like wrestling only your trying to touch the other person with your finger.  It’s pretty fun to watch. Here’s Andrew and Dan getting after it.

Brute Strength!

Brute Strength!

And here’s how we drove to the party and arrived:

Hippos? Or maybe oversized mice? or weirdos in their bedsheets?

Hippos? Or maybe oversized mice? or weirdos in their bedsheets?

Everyone had to bring a coordinating dessert with them.  Ours: Hippo Pot De Mousse, a Ghiradeli chocolate mousse…yummo! haha.

Oh so here’s the picture of my wreath I made. I took a picture of it this morning.  It’s “supposed” to be for indoor use only, but I put it outside.  Hence a little drooping on my paper  and fabric florals.  But I still like it and it only cost me 50 cents.  I bought a clearance 10″ straw wreath at Joann’s. 🙂 Sweet.  Cool thing is I can always take off the flowers and decorate it for the seasons if I wanted to.


I’m excited about the crafty/homey things I’ve had so much fun learning this year! Like this apron I made!picture-0431

ANNNNNDDDD speaking of this year….we’re coming up kinda soon on our 1st year ANNIVERSARY.  Whoop! Any suggestions on what we should do? Or what you and your hubby are going to do for yours or did for your 1st anniversary?  We’ve got some ideas and likes, but not sure what we’ll be able to afford to do just yet, but it’s a goal of ours to really do something cool for it.  So let me hear any suggestions that you have!

Here’s some pretty flower pics to brighten your day!



2 Responses to “Fresh Fun”

  1. Kyndall Says:

    I love that apron Amanda! So cute. And the hippo costumes are funny! Ya’ll are silly Amanda. Thanks for the pretty flower pictures too.

    lub ju.

  2. Holly Says:

    You hippos make me smile!

    And I agree with Kyndall, cute apron!

    And I love the wrestling match at the Cherry St. house. We had a few of those ourselves… ha ;)… more like watch Dani and Jenn tickle each other and Dani cry for mercy! LOL!

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