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Counseling May 19, 2009

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This is what we’ve been praying about pursuing. Andrew gets really excited about counseling and we can see how it would be a good fit for him. So we’ve been looking into seeing what it takes to get a Master’s in Counseling and the different programs out there.

It’s really exciting.  There are so many things to consider but we’re praying for God to just lead us on and we’ll follow even though there are many things that would have to be in place (namely funds) in order for us go somewhere.

We’re looking into Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida and Jackson, Mississippi as well as other campuses.  Andrew is calling counselors that he’s been referred to to chat with them and get some advice and wisdom.  This may be a job that God will allow Andrew to do but just not yet; we’re not sure.  BUT join with us in praying.  Oh man, this is the best thing to do for us.  We KNOW that God wants to lead us and that he’s faithful to take care of us in life, so we’re waiting on Him.

If you have any contacts or suggestions on schooling or how to get funding or wisdom on how to conduct looking at how to pay for something like this, let’s hear it.  Thanks for your prayers friends!!! We love you!


One Response to “Counseling”

  1. Ashley Says:

    oh cool! will pray…like the locations of the schools, not too far from us 🙂

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