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Down in the Bayou June 4, 2009

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Andrew and I went up to Louisiana last weekend to visit his dad’s parents.  It was my first trip over there.  Friday night we drove into Houston and ate with Darrel and Susan at this really neat restaurant called Taste of Texas.  They had scripture on the back of their menu! It was awesome food and a really neat antique/rustic environment paired with awesome staff and low lighting.

The next day we headed to Elton, L.A. for the rest of our weekend.  When we arrived we ate lunch together and then Andrew wanted to take me around and look at all his growing up spots.  He’s been wanting to show me this place for a while, so it was neat to go visit.  Grandma and Grandpa live in a modest place out in the country.  I’m taking BAYOU y’all.  It was like another world up there.  They have food called Bodan (pronounced bow-dan) and then they say, “Are you boodannin?” meaning pouting and they eat dirty rice and have alligators down the street!  Supposedly someone had seen one close by Andrew’s grandparents house and so we set out a little adventure.

So we grabbed a BB gun (for protection of course) and headed down the road to see if we could see it in a ditch on the side of the road.  Well we didn’t end of finding the alligator BUT we did see some snakes.  So we both came back with a catch. Look here!Snakes We look tough huh?  We were trying to not touch them by hanging over the end of the gun and a stick but they kept sliding off every 15 sec. so we decided to get brave and pick them up by the tail.

We also played basketball, picked fresh blackberries right out of their sweet garden (they put me to shame!), and cooked out with the family.  It was a fun and quick weekend that made us feel like for a second we were in a different world!