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Partay Weekend June 9, 2009

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We went down to Mom & Dad’s for the weekend to watch by really big younger brother graduate from high school, to go to Allison’s bridal shower, and to hangout with the family.  It was a very fun weekend, and very busy too.

Stephen walked the stage and it was a nice evening outside where it was held.  We had a really fun after party for him at our house. Picture 035 He’s going to be attending Hardin Simmons University in the Fall, playing football for them, and studying Physical Therapy.  Way to go little bro!

The next day after Andrew got I think 3.5 hours of sleep, him and my grandfather went my home churches’ fishing tournament.  They went out with a guide and Andrew loved it.  He caught a 22 inch red fish!  He loves fishing. It’s one of his passions.  I’m thankful that I enjoy it too. Not as much as he does, but it’s fun.  I really enjoy catching more than fishing! We get to eat some yummy fish now. My mom loaded us up with all the fish that they brought home, including some flounder.


Look at that smile! He was so thrilled.  This weekend we also saw my littlest brother Joel play with his newly formed band.  There are four of them. They don’t have a name,  but they were good.  They sing a lot of just up beat fun songs. And I was really proud of him when I heard they made it a rule to not sing any songs that had foul language or sex. And they play christian songs as well. They performed, “My Girl” and “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, and some others.  It was fun.  We all went and ate at the restaurant that they played at and listened.  Both of my brothers are very talented.  And studs!

We had a lot of fun talking with my family, hanging out in the pool, planning wedding stuff, and getting pampered by my parents.  They are very generous givers, especially my Mom, who sent me on my way with many of her clothes 🙂  We are very thankful for them and their wisdom and prayer life that includes us all the time.

Allison got showered on Saturday morning! She got many gifts and so many ladies from our home church came.  I hand made Allison an apron, oven mitt, and dish towels.

Picture 069Picture 011

My sister is getting married August 22nd. Not too far away.  I’m excited for them.  And I’m excited that Josh will be a part of our family.

Picture 017

She’s cute huh!

Next weekend will be the 3rd weekend in a row that we’ve missed church.  It’s been weird not to be there.  I’m looking forward to a time of fellowship with our new newly married couples homegroup.  We’re going to be reading over the books “For Women/Men Only.”

Andrew feels pretty sure of God’s calling to pursue a counseling degree.  So we’re praying that if God is really in this then he’ll open the doors.  We’ll be preparing for this though.  We’ll be looking into schools and saving up.  Please continue to pray for us. Pray that Andrew’s motives and his heart behind this would be purified consistently.  We don’t want to enter in this field because of any bitterness towards his past or anything of the sort. Pray that God continues to give clarity.