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Here Comes the Sun…Bah Bah Bah Bah June 22, 2009

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We had a fun weekend.  Friday Andrew went out and put out his resume to all our local staffing agencies.  He had an encouraging time at one place that mentioned they might be able to get him an interview with the Brazos Valley Action Agency as a Director.  They are supposed to be interviewing this Friday.  Maybe we’ll get an interview?!  This past week was a little more encouraging for us in the job hunt as we found 2 jobs that would give Andrew some counseling experience.  So we worked on his resume and cover letters for those.   Please keep Andrew in your prayers so that he will have confidence, assertiveness, courage, and perseverance in waiting.

Our friends Courtney and Joseph came over on Friday night and we grilled steaks (thanks Mom!) and had a yummy meal together.  It was good to see them. Then we were all sitting around and chatting and I asked Courtney and Joseph if they had seen the movie “Up.”  They hadn’t and we hadn’t either, so we checked the movie times.  The movie started in 5 minutes! So we raced out the door and went and saw it in 3-D.  It was a really good movie and very entertaining with a deep message that made me cry.  But if you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend it.  Pixar has been doing pretty well lately on the stuff they are producing.

Saturday was a slow easy going day.  We took Andrew’s car to the shop to get it analyzed.  Then we went in search of pricing out slipcovers for our new piece of furniture my Dad brought us from back home when he came up for graduation.  It’s a nice piece of furniture and provides more seating space for us and anyone we have over.  It’s a little roughed up on the edges but more importantly it’s got fish all over it!  If you know my husband,  you know that he LOVES fishing.  Which is great. I love it too…just maybe not on my loveseat.  It says, “Good catch” and “tackle” on it.   Andrew asked me to keep it as his man chair, but it totally doesn’t’ match anything that we have in our living room.  So hence the searching for a slipcover.  Andrew agreed to compromise with me.  If I get to cover the fishing stuff,  I need to put a picture of him with his red fish he recently caught and he asked if I’d make him a fish pillow.  We’re also compromising with the colors of our living room.  I like teal, he likes brown.  So there you are.  It also happens to be the cheaper way of decorating for us because I already had a few teal pieces.  So our home is a work in progress.  I wish I had someone to come in and look at all my stuff and reorganize and use what I have to make it all coordinate together.  Oh yeah.  And I’d like for it to be free or nearly free 😀  Know anyone like that?!  For now, I’m trying to get ideas and slowly try to learn how to make my home look “put together.”

Saturday night Andrew took me stargazing.  We went out and laid down on the side of a country road and watched the stars.  Andrew saw a shooting star! It was nice except there were a lot of cars that kept driving down this road and Andrew felt a little afraid someone would do something silly like throw water balloons or eggs on us!! haha. Maybe we need a new spot.

Sunday we both read for a while and then we went and played disc golf for the first time! It was fun to be together outside, walking around and playing a game.  I enjoy Andrew so much!  But sad day, we lost one of our brand new discs to the bushes.  We tried to f ind it, but couldn’t.  I think we might try again at a later date to see if we can’t track it down.  We know it’s gotta be in there somewhere.

So did I tell y’all I cut my hair?! Yeah,  it’s above my shoulders now.  I like it.  It always takes some getting used to for me in fixing it and making it look good, but it’s nice with the temperature at a steady 100 degrees most days or higher!! Sheesh.  It’s hot.  It makes me long for the pool after work so badly.  I feel I could just jump in clothes and all, which come to think of it sounds like an Aggie tradition….pond hopping anyone?

Trying to stay cool, trying to stay hopeful, trying to grow in the Lord, trying to have a whole lot of fun!  Hope your enjoying summer as well.