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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite! June 24, 2009

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Okay yesterday evening at supper Andrew took off his shoes and socks and found around 20 bug bites all over his feet and legs.  They were forming hard heads, almost like ant bites, and were pretty good and swollen.  I had realized yesterday also that I had a big bite in the crease of my knee.  Anyway, so we were going back and forth over what could have caused them, where we’ve been lately, etc.  Then Andrew throws out, “What if it’s bed bugs.”  I was like, “No no,  it’s not that. Our bed is like brand new and they look more like mosquito bites or something.”

But with that phrase, we sort of got a little nervous.  Our friends Fallon and Steve had had a rough time getting rid of theirs a little while back and so it was fresh on our minds as to what they had to go though.  Sooo….we ripped off all the sheets and scoured the bed seams to see if we could find some tiny pin head dots (supposedlyt bed bug poop!).  We had called Fallon and Steve and they agreed to come over and check it out with us because we kept seeing specs of stuff and wondering if it was dirt of bug poo.

Fallon and Steve showed up and to our relief that said we did NOT have little buggers!!! whoo hooo! We were so relieved.  Fallon and Steve had to through out their mattress, something we did NOT want to do at all.  Our bed was our wedding gift from my parents and is such an awesomely soft and cushy bed.  So like I said, we were so relieved. Andrew said he was never so relieved to have mosquito bites or whatever kind of bites they were before.

As we went to bed Andrew rolled over and said, “Good night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Haha.