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Puppy Love July 7, 2009

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This past week was rough for us but God provided a bundle of sunshine and spunk for us last Wednesday night! We went to the mall to grab an American Cookie Company delicious double doozie cookie to share (which is a must for me whenever I go to the mall. Good thing I don’t go that often;).  We also wanted to lift our spirits by visiting the Puppy Store.  Andrew and I always visit the puppy store when we’re there because it just makes us happy to look at all the cute dogs.  We ended up at the Puppy Store first.  At the front window was the cutest little Shih Tzu/Bison Frise mixed puppy.  I asked if I could hold her.  She was so sweet and we remembered that this was the type of dog my Nana had been talking about wanting.  So we decided to call her and tell her that we found a sweet cute puppy for her.  We weren’t really telling her to get it, just that we found one that she would enjoy.  But she said, “Well, buy her for me!”  So we did just that.  An hour later we were walking out with a fluffy puff of joy and sweetness.  We were so giddy and excited.  God had sent us home with a sweet gift during a very difficult time for us.


This precious little one is named Honey.  And since she’s what’s called a “Teddy Bear” mix we gave her the middle name, Bear.  So Honey Bear. We haven’t received the best of nights’ sleep these few days, BUT she’s a treat.  We’re getting a good dose of what children MIGHT be like.  She cries at night and we’ve had to try our best to keep her awake so she sleeps through the night.  She just started to eat solid food and isn’t potty trained yet.  We’ll be giving her over to Nana next weekend when we go with Courtney and Joseph to Galveston. I’m way excited about that trip too. Honey likes to bite your toes and play tug-o-war. Picture 135

Not only did we get this sweetie, but Allison came to visit us this past weekend and it was so fun and relaxing.  We worked on wedding stuff, watched fireworks, watched Braveheart (Allison’s choice since it’s about Freedom), ate at Pepe’s for the first time, and did First Fridays in downtown Bryan (they have live jazz, old soda shop, and showed Casablanca on the outdoor theatre).

I’m really excited about this weekend and getting to hang out with some great sisters in Dallas.  Girl time is so good and needed!  I appreciate my friends dearly.

In other news, Andrew’s still plugging away at looking for a job.  We haven’t heard back any news at all regarding a few jobs that we were very positive and hopeful for, which is always hard.  But I know God is faithful to provide.  He will provide in our exact time of desperate need.  Please continue to lift Andrew up and for a job.  It seems God has had a purpose for Andrew still working as a bus washer/now waxer.  He’s been able to share Truth with guys while cleaning and has had some really good conversations.  So praise God for that!

I’ve started doing a short morning arms/shoulders/back toning routine.  It takes about 8-20 minutes, depending on if you have a little ball of fluff trying to bite your toes and your PJs 😉 It’s been a good way to wake up and makes me feel good knowing I’m being strengthened.

Here’s a verse that I’ve been remembering with me: “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall. ” Psalm 55:22


One Response to “Puppy Love”

  1. ashley Says:

    she is precious! what a gift 🙂 my family has a big lab named honey, so i think that is a great choice!!

    glad you guys are seeing some of God’s purposes for this time, hope to talk to you soon,


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