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Everyone Needs A Little…. July 16, 2009

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Sunshine! Summer goodness comin’ right up!


I am thankful and grateful to the Lord this morning and am listening to Kari Jobe’s new CD.  LOVE IT!! It’s so good and is ministering to me.   I was just listening to the song “Everyone Needs A Little” which just puts you in a good mood and I wanted to shower you with some sunshine through my cute glass pitcher filled with yummy homemade lemonade, brought to you by Andrew “the sweetest hubs in the world” LeJeune.  🙂

Thank you to everyone praying for Andrew’s interview.  He felt like he did really well on his part.   He felt like he answered the questions well.  Judging the interviewers response was a little hard, but we’ll see.  They are looking to hire someone pretty soon so the next interview if he gets one will be tomorrow or Monday.  I’m praying they call him today!  God’s will be done.

We are going to GALVESTON this weekend!!! whoop! The best part is that we’re going with Courtney and Joseph!!! They are such a blessing to us.  Their friendship is a treat.  So we’re going to hang out on the beach. That is if we don’t get rained out. says we’re supossed to have 30-40% chances of rain this weekend.  I won’t be too upset though; either we can play in the rain. YIPPEE. or we just thank God that he’s brought what so many people are needing.  Actually we could do both. Not sure what I am thinking there.  So we’ll be chillin’ and hanging with my Nana in G-town and with Joseph and Courtney.

This means we are giving back our precious little Honey Bear.  She’s getting more hilarious.  She’s barking a lot more, playing with her food, and doing an impersonation of a lion on the prowl for something to pounce on…namely a sock in this instance.  She just pounces away and growls at it and then hops over to the next thing 🙂  Such a fluffy little bunny of a dog we have!


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