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Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea? July 21, 2009

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We had a sweet time in Galveston visiting Nana and being with Joseph and Courtney.  We learned a lot about each other thanks to Andrew’s many get to know you questions like, “Tell me the thing you most appreciate about your spouse and what is one of your fondest memories since you’ve been married?”

On our way there we had a little fiasco.  Right as we got into Houston we pulled over to let Honey go potty.  Once we thought she tinkled and all and set off again. Courtney was holding her in the car and all of sudden said, “What is on my hand?”  She looked down and saw some brown liquid.  Then it started smelling like poo.  EKK….Courtney got a little nauseous.  I was telling Andrew to pull over as soon as possible.  When I looked at Honey’s behind there was poo matted in her fur.  Yuck.  So we pull into this dealership and I run her into the bathroom and stick her under the sink to wash her off.  Then I’m looking around for some paper towels to dry her off.  None.  What they did have was an automatic sensor hand dryer.  SO there we are,  sticking Honey’s behind under a hand dryer back and forth.  Courtney and I started to crack up.  What was also hilarious was that as I was walking in with the puppy, Joseph saw a couple looking at me a little funny and I  heard him say, “Puppy emergency.” haha.  Gotta love it. 🙂

We went to the beach on Saturday and the guys made a sand castle.

Picture 175

the proud sculptors

the proud sculptors

We had a good 4 hours on the beach before it started raining on us.There were several thunderstorms this weekend.  In fact, we got hail and 65 mph winds in CS this weekend!! AND yesterday too.  Andrew and I ended up trying to go to my work last night and right as we got out on the road there were tornado watches, heavy rains and winds.  Scary. But cool at the same time.  Anyways…back to this weekend.  We had to give Honey to Nana.  She loved her! I was sad that we had to leave her though.  Maybe someday I can get a Honey Bear too.

We ate dinner on the Galveston Bay on Saturday night which was fun. Sunday we went to the beach and Joseph lead us in worship.  That was great.  The waves are so loud and it’s neat to be out in nature singing praises to God.  As we drove away from Nana’s I sad about leaving Honey and wishing we could take her home with us.   I told Andrew, “I’m sad…can we get Starbucks?!”  He laughed and agreed.  So we all stopped in and then decided since we didn’t have anywhere to be that evening and Ikea was so close and Courtney had never been that we’d stop by…..2 hrs later! we got in our car to finish our commute home.  haha.  Courtney and I had fun walking through and our men were awesome.  They made up a game to entertain themselves (the would each guess how many lights were on in each room and then whoever was closest won) the whole time and didn’t raze us for our desire to look and stop and ooo and awww over things.  🙂 Love you fellas!!

look at that beautiful smile and cute pupsters!

look at that beautiful smile and cute pupsters!

Picture 170

Picture 184

Picture 185


3 Responses to “Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?”

  1. what a fun trip! looks like ya’ll had a blast. honey bear is so cute and i cracked up reading about the puppy emergency. someday puppies will prolly wear diapers haha

    • Andrew & Amanda LeJeune Says:

      Dani, my grandma IS using diapers for Honey. She’s too small for the one she bought though and keeps slipping out of it. But when she had it on she was walking all funny and looked absolutely ridiculous! haha.

  2. Libby Says:

    I can’t believe Honey Bear did that!! That is hilarious and gross at the same time 🙂 So glad to hear that Galveston was such a blessing to you. Keep the stories coming! I miss you bunches.

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