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ProLife August 20, 2009

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Andrew & Amanda LeJeune @ 2:22 pm

Hey all.  Andrew and I have been better within the last months about listening to christian talk radio, getting informed of what’s going on and how we can be involved.  I encourage you to do the same.  You don’t have to be politically savvy….I’m not.  But I do want to be apart of standing in opposition to things I disagree with, not just let them happen.

Here’s a video put on by  I encourage you to email or call your representatives and tell them you are not in support of the healthcare reform bill which will include abortions as a health procedure (if it is not clearly stated otherwise) and the American people will be paying for this.  Let’s stand up for what is upright.


One Response to “ProLife”

  1. Kyndall Says:

    I called my representative the other day. Something I wouldn’t have expected myself to do. Seemed intimidating but it was not 🙂


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