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Josh & Allison Balthrop! August 24, 2009

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OH happy day! Allison and Josh are married!  We had a wonderful family filled, fun wedding weekend.  On Thursday night when we arrived the family was hanging out at this rodeo practice arena/dance hall place.  It was really fun.  Danced with Andrew, G-daddy, my bro Joel, and my Dad.  My aunt, who is so not a shy person, got up and sang with the band.  She did great too.

Friday was busy.  The rental people came to set up tents, Mom had us everywhere fixing stuff, putting things together.  The girlies went and got our nails did, which was fun.  The only minor things that happened were that it rained really hard and ruined our paper chinese lanterns, but thankfully Pier 1 had some.  And we think the rental men must have driven a stake down in the ground that severed some wires and cut the electricity to the pergula and tent lighting, but Dad improvised.  SO other than those things we were looking good on Friday.

The rehersal was a blast.  At the end, the whole wedding party put on the Chris Brown song “Forever” that was in that JK wedding dance video. It was so fun!!! We even had the first guys throw paper in the air at the beginning.  My aunt captured a little bit of the video.  I’ll have to post a link a little later.  Here’s a still image.

wedding dance

The rehersal dinner was out on South Padre Island and was terrific.  Good food, awesome firework show,  and a SWEET time of fellowship with testimonies of Josh and Allison’s character and their relationship.  Most everyone was in tears, including me, who got to pour out my heart and affirm her in a very healing way to me and her.  We were all praising God together! This was probably my favorite part of the weekend.

Saturday we hung out and got to enjoy the slower pace since we had worked hard on Friday.  The wedding wasn’t until 7pm.  It was a cool ceremony.  Allison and Josh did things differently.  In following a Jewish tradition where the man goes away once she’s agreed to marry him to his father’s house to add on and prepare a place for them.  Jesus talks to his discplies about how his relationship with them is like that tradition in John 14 (which they had read at their wedding).  In addition once the man had prepared a place, his father was the one to okay it and say it’s ready, now you can go get your bride.  The processional went as follows:  the bridesmaids walked in, then Allison and Dad walked in and stood at the front expectantly awaiting the bridegroom to come,  the groomsmen walked in, Josh’s father walked in and then finally Josh.  The pastor then asks Josh’s father, “Do you believe Josh has prepared an sufficient place for Allison.” And then he affirmed it.  Then Dad is asked, “Who gives this woman away…” you know the rest.   They also invited everyone to take communion with them, which consisted of grapes and flat bread.  It was a neat ceremony.

The reception was out at our parents place and it turned out beautiful. I took some photos of before and during.  The party was beautiful and fun.  She was beautiful.  Josh did this hilarious dance as you will see for her all by himself.  They left with sparklers.

It was a great weekend together with our friends and family.


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  1. Dad Says:

    Great write up
    love dad

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