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Back to School & Other News September 3, 2009

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Andrew had his first subbing job last Friday.  He assisted a Special Ed classroom at the high school and discovered that’s where he wants to be so he won’t be taking that content test more than likely.  Then his second job was being a secretary at an elementary and now he is fulfilling a 4.5 day assignment as an ESL helper at the elementary school, which he really likes.  He gets to speak Spanish everyday and enjoys that.  This job has us waiting on God’s provision each day.  We’re praying that G0d gives Andrew an assignment every single day and the Lord knows our needs.  With Andrew driving 2-3 times a week to Houston for this class, our gas budget has had to inflate.  So pray we would believe on the One who says he watches us and knows our needs and will provide.  Andrew’s first class in Houston this Tuesday was good and he goes back tonight. He really likes it and thinks it’s going to benefit him greatly.

So while my man is back in school, going to class, studying and working as a sub, I have some nights and most every Saturday for 2 months without my mate.  I’m feeling like it’s going to give me a lot of needed time to be alone and meditate on things that are going on in my life, to pray, and get some things done too.   I’m thinking one day I’m going to go with Andrew to Houston and go hit up Ikea and the Houston mall just for fun! 🙂  I’m praying through some ideas on how to spend my time alone those nights and weekends so please pray G0d helps me redeem it according to his plans and what he thinks is best for me.

In other fun news,  talking to my Dad last night about Christmas plans due to scheduling my serving as worship colead at church and Dad mentioned how he wanted to go down into Mexico for aweek and work on his Spanish with the family.  I think it could be really cool.  Andrew and I both have wanted to learn Spanish fluently, but haven’t yet.  Not sure if it will ever happen, but we’d love to be.

Andrew and I have been reorganizing/rearranging our home these past 2 weeks.  Our little shelving unit in the dining room area now is so much more functional and I love it.  I turned a little chest thingy I had into a card holder  (i.e. blank ones, birthday, sympathy…etc) and made my own cardboard dividers, then covered them with cute scrapbook paper to make the prettified.  It makes me happy and is right there so I don’t have to dig around to find a card next time I need one.  Andrew also brainstormed on how to help me organize all my fabric/sewing stuff and really did a great job.  There are a few more things I’d love to get a little more functional/efficient but it’s ocming along one thing at a time.  The area of decorating my home is a tough one for me at times.  I get sucked in easily into consuming my time/thoughts/and wanting to consume my money on making things look a certain way.  It’s one of those things that I really am still learning how to surrender and not to hold on to and still enjoy.  Pray for me in this.  I know that deep within me is the true desire to be satisfied with the Lord and his presence, not things/money/decor. These don’t ever live up to how you think getting everything “just right” will be.  I’m not sure how it works completely, but I know that G0d is the only one that can truly satisfy for all of life.  He is enough.  I know I don’t fully grasp this or have attained all this yet, but I know that’s true.


2 Responses to “Back to School & Other News”

  1. MacKenzie Says:

    I learned this summer that God can use my free/alone time to teach me and draw me to Him in amazing ways…but more so if I’m willing to stop running around and listen! I’m sure He will have lots to say to you too. Having said that, Craig’s quite busy studying as well so if you ever need to not be alone for an evenging and want to hang out, let me know 🙂

  2. Libby Says:

    I want to redeem my alone time as well! That time can be such a gift and a place where the Lord can be given the space in our hearts and our minds to really work on us! And to show us a deeper revelation of His love! Especially in knowing and walking with Jesus more. I want you to know that the Lord has laid you guys on my heart often since I left and that you are often prayed for. I pray for JOY and for PEACE as you seek His face and His direction in all things. Love you and miss you~

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