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It’s been a while…but we’re here! January 6, 2010

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Happy New Year! Sorry I haven’t’ kept up with the blogster in a while.  It’s been a family filled and surprise filled month.

For starters we said good-bye to our sweet friends David and Julianna MacKenzie to Houston job offer. We were sad to see them go.  Then we celebrated our birthdays by going to Houston ourselves for the day on Saturday the 12th. Andrew took me to Ikea, then we went and walked around the Galleria, got massages their, and then lastly went to Bennihana for dinner. Wowweee, it was awesome.  If you’ve never been, it’s one of those places that cooks the food there in front of you.  It’s a nice and long relaxing meal and fun to be apart of.

That next week Andrew got a call on the last Thursday of the fall semester to come in and interview for an 8th grade math teaching position at Davila Middle School in Bryan! The next day he went in, had a lot of favor from the people who’d seen him sub there and was offered the job in about 15 min! Talk about God coming in at the PERFECT timing! He’s never late, but rarely early! haha.  He had us holding out, believing and asking for a job for a while, and he came through to provide this job on the last day! Sweet.  We are rejoicing in his provision and especially the wonder and awe of his timing.  Keep him in your prayers as all this is new and his students will be pretty hard to handle at times.

That weekend was spent at my Nana’s house for our Christmas with her. It was a quick trip to get back for worship practice, but it was so fun. Love my Nana to death! Then the next weekend was as you know, Christmas.  We went down to my parents this year for Christmas. Josh and Allison got to come down from Tyler, Memama and Gdaddy survived the blizzard conditions all day to get there, and Stephen was home from college. We had a blast. We did 2 puzzles, watched White Christmas, played Bible Trivia, Quelf, and Scene It.  We had lots of amazing food and we had a sweet time of prayer and worship as a family.  That’s one of my favorite parts –worshiping together.  We got lots of great gifts.  Mom even did a stocking for Baby Balthrop and Baby LeJeune!

During our stay, we got a call from Andrew’s dad that his Aunt Sharon’s husband was surprisingly killed Christmas Eve morning after a tree fell on their trailer.  She was laying right next to him and rolled over in time, but he got the blunt of it and died instantly.  We were all very shocked and saddened by the news.  My thoughts went immediately to where he was with the Lord.  Andrew and I don’t know where he stood.  It always awakens my heart to remember that death is final and eternal.  We have one life and one life to choose to follow or reject Christ.  I was concerned and afraid, asking if we’d ever shared with him.  My dad reminded me that he heard the gospel at our wedding.  He did hear the message of Christ and the wedding banquet of the Lamb and those that are written in the Book of Life.  It brought comfort to my heart that he did hear, but still we are unsure of where he stood.

After spending Christmas with my family, we spent some time the next week with Darrel and Susan and visited Andrew’s mom Tracy and her husband Craig.  This was also good time.  We played the Wii and played several Spades games that were intense!  I got really sore from bowling on the Wii! My forearm was sore after all that bowling and tennis action.

Our baby is growing! We are about 17 weeks right now and my uterus is hard to the touch if you poke on it.  Last Sunday was the first time I’m almost positive that I felt the baby move. It was like a small spasm in my muscle, like a small flutter.  🙂  That was really neat and special. And since then I’ve felt them a few more times.  We get to find out on the 13th whether it’s a boy or girl.  I’m excited to know and start planning on names for this little bundle.   I’ll let you all know when we know!

And as for preparing for this child, we were trying to move this month to be able to settle in to a new place and get it baby ready.  Well we asked the Lord if he wanted us to move now to open doors for an awesome place to come around that fit our needs.  We looked and got stressed looking and searching and driving here and there.  It was kind of hectic and a whirlwind.  But then yesterday we found out that our financial situation with Andrew’s job was going to be a little different than we had planned, and so after finding nothing that just blew us away and provided the price that we needed, we felt it was the last door closed and decided not to move right now, but to wait till April or May.

Now I really wanted to move to get things ready and have time to settle a new place before my world turns upside down, but I’m trusting in the Lord’s plan for us and his timing.  We are still asking God to open the door for a jewel of a place, as Kyndall said to me.   We want a jewel of a place that is comfortable, clean, closer to Andrew’s work, has 2 bedrooms, is in a safe part of town, and for the right price that we think is doable for us. Will you ask God for a gem of a place that exceeds our imaginations or expectations.  God is able.  He did that for us with our current place and we’ve been so blessed and so grateful for it.  So ask God for perfect timing, and smooth moving transition (I’ll really preggo and am not sure how I’ll be feeling) into a jewel of a place come April/May.