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Growing Undivided Hearts of Love for our Savior

Teaching and Teachings January 26, 2010

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The past two weeks have been great in many respects.  Andrew’s been hard at work each day and evening. He’s been working till about 6:30 or 7 every night preparing for the following day(s).  He’s enjoying teaching, which is a blessing! He’s been really firm and trying to stay consistent and not many students like that.  He’s had some unpleasant comments thrown his way from them.  But he’s tough these first weeks so they will understand he’s not a joke and so the rest of the semester will be smoother for all of them. Tough love.  That’s what it is.  He says he doesn’t enjoy doing it so he probably doing okay. 🙂 Kind of like parents. They hate to discipline us, but they do it because they love us.

Please pray for him as he tries to work hard at preparing well and for opportunities with the students to share Christ’s love.  Andrew needs a math teaching job for next fall lined up here within this next semester or summer to complete his teaching program.  Please pray for us to trust him with our need for this job and that the Lord would open a door for one.  God delivers at JUST the RIGHT TIME.  Andrew got this semester’s job the last day of the fall semester.  God swoops in to provide in his timing.

I’ve been really enjoying all the Lord is teaching me and what I’m reading in the word. Two weekends ago we went and joined up with Kyndall and her church in Dallas in Houston for TheCall’s prayer and march on abortion in our country.  That was new for me and really awakening to my spirit on how to pray for the end of abortion, the emphasis to pray now, the empowerment of remembering the God we pray to and his ability and power to shake down the horrible sacrifice of babies on the altar of our selfishness and rebellion.  One of the things I have never taken into my prayer life is the idea of begging God for mercy.  But we were petitioning God to be merciful on our nation’s behalf, not to give us what we deserve, but to ransom America from this wickedness, to turn our hearts back to him. We also owned up for our part as the church and prayed we would be the first face in the adoption movement in this country.  I have not petitioned the Lord for his mercy much in my life, but even saying the phrase arouses a reminder of his holiness and justice.  We need God’s mercy. We beg God to be merciful and end abortion in America. I was so thankful to be apart of God’s people that weekend in prayer, in weeping, in singing, and in SHOUTING & JUMPING OVER GOD’S VICTORY.

Andrew and I want to try to read through the Bible this year together.  We’re trying to stay in the same place but reading on our own as a way to help us connect spiritually and grow together. We’re reading in Matthew to start with and that’s been so intriguing again as I read it.  Jesus was a strange man! Some things seem so odd when you read them.  Like Jesus telling the man who said he would follow him, but he needed to go bury his father, “let the dead bury their own dead; follow me.”  Um, seems a little harsh don’t ya think? I mean, it’s not like he wasn’t going to come. He just wanted to take care of his father. And yet there’s holiness in everything Jesus says. He can’t be wrong or unloving. He must have said that because he knew what was in the man’s heart or tested him with something so meaningful as taking care of his father first to show him his heart.  But either way, Jesus healed people who asked, that didn’t ask, that acknowledged his authority and he said just powerful statements.

I’ve also enjoyed reading Richard Foster’s book “Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home.” I finished the chapter called “The Prayer of Rest.” It’s about the idea of not fighting or working so hard to pray and ask, but also not to sit around passively.  He says prayer is both something we act on and acts on us.  The part that really stands out to me is his section on how the Trinity is involved in our praying. The Spirit testifies and interprets on our behalf with groans that words can’t express. The Spirit takes all our prayers and turns them into those in accordance with God’s will. All our feeble attempts at praying or praying with mixed motives, the Spirit intercedes for us in accordance with God’s will. Then the Son, Jesus, is at the right hand interceding for us on our behalf, constantly praying for us even as we sleep. We are always prayed for. And then finally the mind-blowing thought that it is actually God in us that prays to God (himself). It is essentially a divine dialogue where the “two” that we perceive is really God in us speaking. How crazy a thought! And how cool.

There are many things to potentially be involved in this semester and it’s hard to know how to manage our time, and being married makes it harder it seems.  You can’t just go and do anything and everything you individually want without concern or thought to your relationship and the others needs.  On the other hand, we don’t want to withhold from serving, ministering, and growing through the body. I’m a little afraid life is only going to get busier and busier (with children and home) and will leave us foregoing things we’ve always wanted to do. SO please pray for God’s direction on activity this semester.  Please pray we trust him that if he impresses on our hearts a certain place to spend our time, he’ll help us maintain a solid marriage and the rest both our bodies need during this time.


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