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Baby Update January 29, 2010

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This is me, loving being pregnant! I’m really enjoying my new figure and the knowledge that I’m sustaining a life inside me.  It’s so new & kinda weird to see my belly all big and poochy.  He’s kicking a lot and that feels like an alien inside of me because they are more like little flutters than actual knock out punches.  It will be fun when Andrew can feel them more in a few weeks.

We are still searching for names. When we do, maybe we’ll do a name game to see if you can figure it out with clues (something I saw a girl do once).

Starting at the end of next month we’ll be getting to attend a Bradley Method class together, where we’ll learn about the natural birthing process. Andrew will be taught on how to be my coach during labor and I will be taught on how to relax during the process and well both do some practices each week. They are big on repetition so you really learn it, and thus the day of labor you don’t freak out, but have it down on what you’re supposed to do when XYZ happens.  I’m excited to get some good knowledge and information that will enable us, Lord willing, to have an non-medicated birth.  I’m really looking forward to bonding with Andrew in this as we learn, and then as WE bring a life into the world, TOGETHER! I’m already so confident he’ll do great for me.  He’s a very calm and collected person most of the time, which I think will be beneficial to labor.  The class I hope reassures me that I can give birth naturally, as SO many women have, and to give me LOTS of help to push through the pain. My dad says, “You can do it! You’ve fought through pain before. You can do it!” That made me feel great!


6 Responses to “Baby Update”

  1. MacKenzie Says:

    You’re looking so cute!

    We have attended two Bradley classes so far and are really enjoying it. It is a lot of work with all the exercises, readings and practicing techniques but I do think it will pay off in the end. I already feel like I’ve learned a lot.

  2. Which Bradley teacher will you have? Rachel was mine and I really enjoyed her classes, but I know all three are great!

    • Andrew & Amanda LeJeune Says:

      I’m going to be with Rachel. I heard that you enjoyed her and that makes me look forward to being taught by her!

  3. Ashley Says:

    love the preggo pic! you look so cute! my parents did the bradley method with me 🙂 they laugh telling me about it b/c, when my mom asked for the drugs while she was giving birth, my dad calmly told her (as he was so well trained from class), “honey, we will talk about that after the next contraction.” she didn’t even bother asking again after that!

    have fun!

  4. Swindells Says:

    The kicks will come, and then he will really feel like an alien trying to bust out! I’m up again at 5am because our little bugger woke me up. However, it’s pretty cool when Dad gets to feel them… I think it really helps him connect with his baby.

    Can’t wait for our Bradley class! Amanda, we will have to swap encouraging thoughts/ideas. We CAN do it!!!!

    Ashley: That comment made me laugh. I am going to have to remind my husband to say that to me.

  5. Amanda you look great!
    Enjoy the Bradley classes, there is so much great information. We didn’t take the class but we did read the books before both of our births and used the relaxation and breathing techniques. Very, very helpful. I can’t imagine giving birth unmedicated without first learning to relax (and lots of prayer!) You will do great!! Make sure Andrew pays attention during the part about rubbing your back really hard during contractions 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your sweet baby!
    I read your blog all the time but I’m really bad about commenting, sorry!

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