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Buffalo Crossing February 2, 2010

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This past Saturday night was the second time Andrew & I met up with my sister and brother-in-law in Buffalo, TX.  It’s the half way point for both of us from here to Tyler. Just so happens that Buffalo is called “The Crossing Place” in Texas. Ha. Fancy that. Works for us!

Last time we ate in this hole in the wall BBQ joint, that I honestly was pretty skeptical of at first glance.  But it had really great food and we had some laughs.  This time we ate in a hole in the wall pizza joint called Mickey’s Pizza.  It was delicious! Great eggplant Parmesan & pizza. It’s fun to find these little bitty places with awesome food.  We had a great time together and laughed a lot.  After pizza we went to DQ for ice cream.  It was freezing outside on Saturday night, so we just grabbed the blankets from the trunk and sat inside and ate ice cream.  It was a fun rendezvous in Buffalo, TX for sure.

Here’s some pics from the night:

Josh showing off his cool look - thermal underwear under holey pants

Josh posing all cool

More ridiculous behavior


Josh teaching Andrew how to do the cool swing arm "it's whatever" stance


2 Responses to “Buffalo Crossing”

  1. Danielle Says:

    how fun! that is a great idea to do that… we will have to try that with ryan & lindsey!

  2. Cathy Hugghins Says:

    Joe’s family used to own about 300 acres in Buffalo so we’ve spent a lot of time there. We even got engaged at the property. Unfortunately, they sold it so now we can’t go back there at all. I’m glad you’re having some good times in Buffalo, though!

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