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Balentine’s Day! February 15, 2010

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We celebrated V-Day this weekend on Saturday by cooking a yummy dinner together, talking about goals for the year and thinking of baby names and then watching another movie in the “Love Comes Softly” series.  Here’s the yummy dinner we made ourselves!

Andrew surprised me by writing me a really sweet poem, picking our own carnation that we grew on our windowsill of our bedroom and getting me the soft stuffed corduroy alligator I had seen the other day and wanted really bad for our son! I was surprised because when I had seen it last Friday night and wanted it Andrew told me to sit on it for a night before buying it.  (I was super emotional about this guy too; I think it’s pregnancy hormones– I was misty eyed and really DID NOT want to leave the store without him. Weird I know).  So I did sit on it and then the next morning I was still really wanting him, but when we went he was gone! The lady said a man had bought him the night before.  But she said she could order more and so I was excited and told her I’d be back. Well I was surprised when Andrew’s present to me was this wonderful guy!

Isn’t he the cutest! I could just see our little son swinging his arm with this guy in tow as his pal, and he makes me happy cuz he’s super soft.  Andrew said he got Courtney to run over and buy it for me that Saturday morning before we went over there — that’s why it wasn’t there! 🙂  I love him.  He’s sweet to me.

Our homegroup spent Saturday morning at Fortress nursing home, passing out the handmade cards we made on Thursday to the residents there.  It was special to talk to them about God’s love for them and share about Jesus.  Even though they may have bad memories or forget things or be hard of hearing, I know Jesus is pleased with us sharing his love story with them. Some of them said things like, “Yeah, I know who Jesus is…I’ve read the Bible….Oh I know God loves me.”  One lady named Mildred could speak pretty well and understand us clearly.  After telling me that she knew God loved her and that she read the Bible I asked her what her favorite passage in the Bible was and she said John 3:16 and then proceeded in spitting the whole thing out! I was encouraged through that situation to hide God’s word in my heart;  I may loose my mind someday and can’t tell who you are or can’t speak well, but oh to have my mind and tongue rambling with the Truth of God’s word would be a blessing.  If my mind is filled up with it, I can carry it with me through even my oldest years.  That was an encouraging thought to me.   We were blessed to pray with these people and love on them.  It was a joyful experience.


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