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FC Women’s Retreat & Camping March 11, 2010

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Some of things that have gone on since the last blog:

Me, Fallon, Neva, Jaclyn, Courtney

  • Fellowship Church Women’s Retreat: February 19-21 we had our women’s retreat we do once every two years.  It was awesome! God really moved and really moved me.  I love time away where older women are free to laugh and share life with us. They are such super busy amazing women with families that it’s wonderful when their husbands let them come away and I love talking hold of that special time with them.  Some highlights of the trip for me were:
  • Time getting to know Jaclyn and Courtney better (the two girls from our HG that came).
  • Being outdoors in nature and spending time alone with Jesus there.
  • A long walk with Joelle! I loved this time.  Since moving to a new HG, we haven’t had a lot of time to catch up and this was definitely an encouraging time for me in hearing how much she’s grown and now doing discipleship with girls.
  • Hearing/Seeing Sarah Brown reveal God’s heart to us. She imparts the Lord’s love so tangibly and sweetly and cries all the time while doing it. I was blessed by her message on Saturday night.
  • Prayer Teams: getting ministered to through prayer on Saturday night. For me I came and asked for any prayers but shared that God had already begun working hard on the issue of pride in my life.  He sweetly sent me a picture through Sarah’s prayer of a house with all it’s walls broken down but only the foundation remaining.  She said, the walls of pride are down through your confession before G0d/others and now he is going to build a house of humility! Amen! The vision made me remember that the verse I had read not long before: Proverbs 14:1 ” A wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. ”  The wise woman is a humble one, not prideful.  I was thankful for the  correlating image that he gave me.  The other big thing during that prayer time was Sarah praying over jealousy/envy as roots of pride and said, “Thank you Lord that you don’t desire that Amanda has anyone else’s life. ” WOW! When you say it out loud it sounds so “duh!” but it hit my heart really freshly on how silly the thought that I should have someone else’s life, as if God were sad that he’s failed or given me something that he regrets. G0d doesn’t mess up.  He’s purposeful and he has given me the life I have FOR A REASON. I am who I am FOR A REASON.
  • Singing “None But Jesus!”
  • Confessions! WOW! God really moved and convicted in AMAZING ways to HIS glory and praise.
  • Intimacy in relationships through openness about struggles/trials
  • First Bradley Class: We had fun! Learned some exercises that I’m encouraged to do to get my body ready for this ATHLETIC EVENT called birth.  We’ve been to 2 so far and have learned really valuable information about nutrition and breastfeeding.  MY FAVORITE PART is that I’m REQUIRED to practice relaxing. Each night I’ve been falling asleep to Andrew massaging me down and talking to me to where I’m completely relaxed.  Can we do this even after pregnancy?!

  • Camping with Homegroup: We went camping this past weekend with our HG at Lake Somerville. It was relaxing and full of conversation.  We cooked awesome meals like Shish Kabobs, Mountain Man breakfast casserole, french fries, maple bacon, etc. Andrew was bummed we didn’t catch any fish; we were hoping to do a big fish fry for everyone on Saturday night, but had to use our backup: hot dogs.  A couple checking out our church joined in with us on Saturday and taught us how to make “dough boys.” These are biscuits that you flatten out and smush onto the end of a thick dowel rod thingy. You roast them till they slide off and then they have a hole in the middle in which you put butter and brown sugar. OH YEAH, they were so delicious! Even though we were sad we didn’t catch anything, we had a relaxing time and enjoyed being outside around a campfire together.
  • Making French Fries! luck

  • Second big Ultrasound: I had to go back in after the last big ultrasound that revealed the sex of our baby due to my placenta sitting low on my cervix.  They wanted to check back after 6 weeks to see if it had grown up to the top.  The U/S tech can’t/didn’t tell me any specifics, but I was grateful to see her point an arrow and type “placenta” on the top of my uterus next to the baby’s feet that are in the air.  I could be wrong, but I think that it did grow up to the top.  We’ll see the official results this week though.

2 Responses to “FC Women’s Retreat & Camping”

  1. MacKenzie Says:

    Sounds like you’ve been having fun. I miss all you hg folks!

  2. Libby Says:

    I love that you are doing Bradley classes! We start our first one on April 5th, and I can’t wait. One of my friends was induced yesterday and even with the pitocin was able to give birth without pain meds b/c of her Bradley training! It was so encouraging for me to hear. Did you get an update on your placenta moving? Thanks for sharing little tidbits on your blog!

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