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Divine Appointment on the Beach April 28, 2010

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This past weekend brought about an awesome appointment on the Galveston beach. Andrew & I went and stayed with Nana this weekend, painted her back porch, and spent Saturday afternoon/evening on the beach, out to dinner/gelato, and sitting in the parlor of a fancy hotel.

It was a time for us to getaway and spend time talking on the things we were thankful for these past almost 2 years of marriage before our son will bring us to a count of 3! We also chatted about our anticipations/excitements for things to come with our new baby boy.

BUT God had other plans for this weekend too! Saturday while sitting on the beach a woman named Roxanne and her 6 year old daughter plopped right in front of us.  She was super friendly and as such struck up a conversation with me.  We started chatting and as she asked what we were doing (we had a journal out and were writing things that we cherish down) I mentioned that we were thanking the Lord for all the things that have happened and that we were reflecting back on the last 2 years.  She said, “Oh, so you’re Christians.”  Yes, I replied, and off the conversation went.  We talked for probably over an hour.

She explained her beliefs to me.  She didn’t believe in Jesus, as Savior.  There’s one, true, all powerful God. No heaven or hell. There’s no such thing as sin or that Adam & Eve paved our way to be doomed.  After we die our spirits (the living spirit) continues on and reincarnates itself, as energy cannot just die.  The whole time I’m listening and nodding, not knowing what to say to some of her thoughts.  What do you say to someone whose claiming to believe there is no sin?!  Amazingly enough she wasn’t bitter or unfriendly. She smiled the whole conversation.  She kept referring to things very respectfully toward me by saying “For me I believe….”

To tell you our whole conversation would be quite long.  I’ll summarize.  As a very honest, passionate, self proclaimed “hippie,” and a seeker, she broke down several times  in tears as I shared with her the hope of God still accepting and loving her.  She’s never TOO far gone.  She opened up about childhood hurts and memories of her past.  She told me she wants to believe but just can’t.  I encouraged that really it’s not like she can just wake up one day and decide to be a Christian. It’s not a transaction void of revelation.  God has to reveal himself to you and to reveal that Jesus is who he says he is.  Her eyes are blinded until the Lord mercifully turns on the lights so to speak.  I was able to use logic in some ways to help her come around to seeing more of what she truly believed.  I asked if she believed their is true evil, to which she said yes.  If there is such a thing as ABSOLUTE evil than there has to be an ABSOLUTE truth too.  You can’t have one without the other.  Then I talked about why we rail against evil and pain in this lifetime is because we long for a place where nothing evil/wrong happens and the reason we even hope for a place like that is because there is a place like that.  God has put eternity in our hearts.

We chatted about her experiences with other Christians.  She told me, “If I sense a hint of doubt or if they get defensive when I’ve resisted their beliefs, it totally turns me away. They lose me.”  I understood.  She thinks, “Why should I believe what you’re telling me when you don’t even seem confident and bold in it. Why would I want to believe what you do when your reaction to me seems condemning/judgmental?” Wow. I was thankful for her honesty.  Praise be to God he enabled me (through my extreme weakness) not to go into our conversation with guns blazing so to speak, but to listen to her (mainly b/c I had no idea what to say or how to continue on in our conversation. I didn’t feel strong or confident to just rip apart her false beliefs). I would have easily been another “one of those” experiences for her. I know myself and how’ve shared in the past at times.  I thank God for revealing to me how strong he is in my weakness.  Makes me want to be limp and weak more often.

I was enabled to share the good news of Jesus with her in multiple ways and through different faucets as we discussed her life.  She’s felt so alone in this seeking journey and not TRULY confident about anything she believes really.  Her family would freak out she said if they knew I didn’t believe or struggled to believe.  No one else she knows wants to talk about spiritual issues. So she’s been silent for fear of rejection from others and she’s felt so alone in this journey.  I told her I hate the enemy for doing that to her.  He wants her to feel all alone and like the ONLY one in this, but it’s a lie.  I encouraged her to keep seeking God.  He wants to be known and to be found.  He will reveal himself to you I told her.  I believe God is pursuing her, otherwise he would not have divinely appointed me to share this truth with you today.  She agreed with me at how it definitely was the Lord and how much she needed to hear this at this time in her life.

I encouraged her to keep seeking God.  I told her to read through John and then to read through the gospels to discover who Jesus says he is, what his life was like, who was he around, what did he do.  I encouraged her to be honest and open with God, telling him that she wants to know him, asking him to prove/reveal to her that Jesus is who he says he is if it’s true and to show her the Truth.  The Word says if we ask we will receive, seek and will shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you.  She was thankful for my hope for her.  I was thankful for God’s heart.

I was so thankful that the Lord showed me how faithful he is to his creation.  He desires none to perish.  He wants Roxanne, her Muslium husband and her daughter Katrina.  He wants them.  And even though I didn’t wake up that morning just rocking it with the Lord, he was faithful to use me because he loves these people and wants them to know that.  Even when I am unfaithful, he is faithful.  He is even faithful to use me in my weakness and frailty.  He LOVES US, OH HOW HE LOVES US!

Please take 2 minutes right now to lift up Roxanne, her Muslium husband, and daughter Katrina (who knows about Jesus and with child like faith believes  he did die on the cross!).  Ask God to continue pursuing her in Houston and for him to reveal himself to her.  Ask God to help woo her to keep seeking after him and that she’d be saved.  And that their whole household would be Jesus followers! God is reaching out. Ask God to help them step out in faith by his grace to place their trust in Jesus for salvation.

Even in attempts to be short, it was kinda long, but thanks for reading & praying!


Neighbor Report! April 13, 2010

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Got some exciting news about opportunities the Lord has placed our way with our neighbors all within these past 2 weeks or so!

First, Andrew was able to share the gospel with a single guy named Clayton. When asked if he died tonight does he think he’ll be in Heaven he said, “I’ve never had anyone ask me that before. I sure hope so.” Andrew then got to share the truth with him on how to know for sure! Clayton likes to read and so we’re trying to get a copy of Case for Christ into his hands that may answer lots of questions of his. When Andrew asked yesterday what we could pray for he said for his parents (Mom’s soon to be remarried) to stay married. So lift up Clayton and his family.

Second, Andrew & I were getting out of the car when our neighbor Anthony was in the drive way. We chatted a little bit about our baby boy and stuff and then I asked him if he and his wife plan on having kids sometime. He said, “Uh, maybe. We’re not doing so well right now.” Anthony and his wife live apart. She works in Houston and he’s here for grad school as a scientist. He’s also a French native (which is cool). So after he shared I shared how we were struggling too. Pregnancy season has been a battlefield that is leaving us stronger no doubt, but not pretty to walk through at times. I shared with him that I know that all marriages go through hard times and struggles at some point. Andrew then prompted me to go inside while he tried to chat with him a little more. Anthony says that his wife is cheating on him emotional, not necessarily physically. Through the conversation Anthony asked Andrew a question that led him to respond vulnerably and shared how God is helping him in his struggle and how he’s having to believe what God says rather than the world. Andrew was really thankful that he had such an opportunity, even though it took him back a little, to show that Christians struggle and for him to bring up the Lord in a very natural way.  Anthony says his wife is a Catholic mostly by name and he believes in nature and science.  Andrew & Anthony plan to meet up again for coffee sometime. Thankfully he went to see his wife this past weekend and they couldn’t meet up.  Please lift him up. Pray God would reveal to him that he is the Creator and that he wouldn’t worship the created/seen rather than the Creator. Ask God to give Andrew a listening ear and effective time with Anthony when they sit down to chat more. Pray Anthony is drawn towards the Lord through this difficult time in his marriage. Praise God for the opportunity to testify that we are believers to him!

Third, I was able to chat with the single gal upstairs named Anita this past Saturday. She’s older than I am and still in school. And from what my landlord has shared with me has scripture mounted on the walls in her apartment and I’ve seen a plaque that says “Prayer Changes Things.” So I was curious and wanted to have a conversation with her. She came down while I was standing outside to do something outside too. After chatting, I found out that she’s been attending Central with friend, but more so out of just going with her rather than finding a church home of her own. After both her and her sister Brittany were brought up Catholic. Dad was strict Southern Baptist but has strayed and Mom is Catholic but mostly by name. Her sister Brittany came to A&M and got saved she said. Then when she went home, Anita tagged with her to bible studies. And she says that’s when it all started for her. She mentioned wanting to go to a non-denominational church and so I got to invite her to visit Fellowship with us sometime. She was really interested and says she’ll be coming with us this weekend! I was so thankful for the opportunity to testify to my faith in Christ and to be an avenue of her potentially finding a place to get plugged in and connected with other believers.

So PRAISE GOD for being able to testify to ALL our neighbors within the past few weeks of our belief in God and that we are Christians. We really wanted to have these conversations before we ever moved and God has opened the doors! Please pray for Clayton, Anita, & Anthony.


Spring Break, Men’s Retreat & Easter Weekend April 6, 2010

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The whole family out at Tyler State Park

Picking up from the last blog post! We spent Spring Break with my family the first part of the week in Tyler, staying with Allison & Josh.  It was a blast to be all together again since Christmas! We went out to Lake Tyler and had a fun time fishing, canoeing, and taking a long nature hike.  We got Andy’s Frozen Custard while we were there. It was delicious stuff man! I’ve never had custard before, but it was a yummy new experience.  We also saw Josh and the pine cove guys play and win a local softball game, went to Cheddars, went shopping all over Tyler’s baby outlets and consignment shops, watched Hoodwinked, talked about questions of faith and life, and got Einstein’s bagels.  We had a blast being together.  It was so much fun.

We got a chance to hang out with Joseph & Courtney Patty that Thursday night and eat dinner together, which was also fun.  We’ll be missing them come August when they head out for seminary 😦

Then that next weekend of Spring break we went over to the little bitty town of Hornbeck, LA to visit Andrew’s grandfather Lewis and his girlfriend Gloria. They were full of so much humor and hospitality.  Gloria cooked great meals for us and her sons were funny.  We got to plant watermelon for Gloria’s son who owns land behind her house.  That was fun! I had never done any serious hand planting before but it was great.  It made me feel like the days when workers would be out in the fields singing old gospel songs.  So of course I started singing a little bit 🙂 Lewis and Gloria took us out to a catfish joint where Andrew tried fried alligator for the first time.  It’s actually pretty good.  Time with them was restful and we were really glad to have seen them.

Andrew's grandfather Lewis and his girlfriend Gloria

Us at Gloria's house


Andrew was gone on the Men’s Retreat this weekend at Bastrop State Park. The theme this year was “Radical Men of God.”  He had a really great time and was affirmed by men in our body in a meaningful way.  I was so thankful just to listen to him talk about all that God had encouraged him with and through whom. I love listening to him talk.  I am so thankful for our men’s times. I know it’s so essential for them and their growth and strengthening as they seek to be Godly men, heads of their homes, and leaders in the church.  Praise God for our wonderful guys!

While he was away,  I got some good girl time in. Friday I got to meet up with Neva at Sweets for some disclipeship time where we took a Lies We Battle survey and then discussed our top lies.  It’s not easy for me to assess my deep rooted untruths sometimes and I pray for enlightenment into the places that I do struggle, because I KNOW I do.

Saturday I hung out with Laura Ritchie, who is just newly engaged to Chris Edwards, and got to hear her engagement story.  Saturday afternoon I got to have tea party time with Fellowship church married/soon to be married women at Neva’s home.  Always a fun time.  Then meet up with Rachel Holland and Faith and had some good chat time at Sweets.

Sunday I was privileged to speak with Neva for the morning service on a hard thing God has asked me to do.  I spoke about modesty and tried to encourage our women (and a few guys not on men’s retreat 😉 ) to remember God will enable us to obey his commands through his powerful spirit within us.  He won’t ask us to do something his power won’t enable us to do. And also to seek God’s heart on each issue that is toughest.  We will often see his love and sweetness in the command and then our hearts will be softened towards obedience.  It was a blessing to be up there with Neva.  And praise the Lord! A girl from a HG went to her leader and asked if she’d go through her clothing with her sometime.  And another lady came up and thanked me for bringing out the issue of having a modest heart.  You know, you don’t always hear how the Lord will use you, but it’s cool when you get to see how’s he’s spoken to people through what he’s laid on your heart. I was thankful for God speaking and encouraging the women of our body.


Praise God, my doctor says I don’t need to worry about my placenta placement any longer. It moved up as it needed to! Thanks for the prayers.  Our little guy has been kicking up a storm and it feels pretty strange.  I love him so much already and can’t wait to meet him soon!


This past weekend we went to Andrew’s dad’s house. Andrew & I had a date morning on Friday drawing each other collages of items/images/symbols that represented the other person. We made blueberry french toast and had a relaxing time together. On our way to Houston we stopped and took blue bonnet pictures!

Darrel & Susan took us out to eat at Gringos Mexican restaurant on Friday evening. On Saturday Susan and I grabbed Einstein’s Bros. bagels and coffee and then later we met up with my Nana at a tea room in League City. That was fun! Tearooms are so dainty 🙂 We shopped around a little bit and then went home.  I got to watch some HGTV this weekend. I really enjoy watching those shows and since we don’t have any kind of cable TV it’s always a special treat for me. Darrel & Andrew went fishing and only caught a crab 😦 and Darrel caught a sunburn.  We grilled steaks that night and then Andrew & I got to go together and look at Babies R’ Us strollers.

Sunday we went to Gateway Community church. The message was really good. He spoke on the “what if.” What is Jesus had never been raised from the dead? Our lives would look SO HUGELY different. We would be hopeless and selfishness would be the greatest virtue if all we have is this life. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15 that if we hope in a Christ who wasn’t raised at all we are to be pitied the most of all people! So thankful that Jesus wasn’t a liar and did everything he said he would. My prayer is that I will live remembering he has defeated death and sin each day. We had a relaxing time on Sunday followed by a yummy Eater feast made by Susan.

In light of Easter and reading an article on it’s roots, Andrew & I have been talking about what we’d like to do as a family to celebrate Easter. Our friend Elaine brought up a great idea. Rather than doing a traditional egg hunt, doing a TREASURE HUNT and focusing on the theme that Jesus is the pearl of great price/buried treasure! Cool huh?! We think so.  It’s been good to talk through things like this in light of our upcoming baby boy to raise!