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Neighbor Report! April 13, 2010

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Got some exciting news about opportunities the Lord has placed our way with our neighbors all within these past 2 weeks or so!

First, Andrew was able to share the gospel with a single guy named Clayton. When asked if he died tonight does he think he’ll be in Heaven he said, “I’ve never had anyone ask me that before. I sure hope so.” Andrew then got to share the truth with him on how to know for sure! Clayton likes to read and so we’re trying to get a copy of Case for Christ into his hands that may answer lots of questions of his. When Andrew asked yesterday what we could pray for he said for his parents (Mom’s soon to be remarried) to stay married. So lift up Clayton and his family.

Second, Andrew & I were getting out of the car when our neighbor Anthony was in the drive way. We chatted a little bit about our baby boy and stuff and then I asked him if he and his wife plan on having kids sometime. He said, “Uh, maybe. We’re not doing so well right now.” Anthony and his wife live apart. She works in Houston and he’s here for grad school as a scientist. He’s also a French native (which is cool). So after he shared I shared how we were struggling too. Pregnancy season has been a battlefield that is leaving us stronger no doubt, but not pretty to walk through at times. I shared with him that I know that all marriages go through hard times and struggles at some point. Andrew then prompted me to go inside while he tried to chat with him a little more. Anthony says that his wife is cheating on him emotional, not necessarily physically. Through the conversation Anthony asked Andrew a question that led him to respond vulnerably and shared how God is helping him in his struggle and how he’s having to believe what God says rather than the world. Andrew was really thankful that he had such an opportunity, even though it took him back a little, to show that Christians struggle and for him to bring up the Lord in a very natural way.  Anthony says his wife is a Catholic mostly by name and he believes in nature and science.  Andrew & Anthony plan to meet up again for coffee sometime. Thankfully he went to see his wife this past weekend and they couldn’t meet up.  Please lift him up. Pray God would reveal to him that he is the Creator and that he wouldn’t worship the created/seen rather than the Creator. Ask God to give Andrew a listening ear and effective time with Anthony when they sit down to chat more. Pray Anthony is drawn towards the Lord through this difficult time in his marriage. Praise God for the opportunity to testify that we are believers to him!

Third, I was able to chat with the single gal upstairs named Anita this past Saturday. She’s older than I am and still in school. And from what my landlord has shared with me has scripture mounted on the walls in her apartment and I’ve seen a plaque that says “Prayer Changes Things.” So I was curious and wanted to have a conversation with her. She came down while I was standing outside to do something outside too. After chatting, I found out that she’s been attending Central with friend, but more so out of just going with her rather than finding a church home of her own. After both her and her sister Brittany were brought up Catholic. Dad was strict Southern Baptist but has strayed and Mom is Catholic but mostly by name. Her sister Brittany came to A&M and got saved she said. Then when she went home, Anita tagged with her to bible studies. And she says that’s when it all started for her. She mentioned wanting to go to a non-denominational church and so I got to invite her to visit Fellowship with us sometime. She was really interested and says she’ll be coming with us this weekend! I was so thankful for the opportunity to testify to my faith in Christ and to be an avenue of her potentially finding a place to get plugged in and connected with other believers.

So PRAISE GOD for being able to testify to ALL our neighbors within the past few weeks of our belief in God and that we are Christians. We really wanted to have these conversations before we ever moved and God has opened the doors! Please pray for Clayton, Anita, & Anthony.


2 Responses to “Neighbor Report!”

  1. Swindells Says:

    We will be praying… Neighbor ministries has become my favorite since staying at home! It’s funny because Steven and I really wanted to live in the country before moving to our duplex… now I can’t phathom it because it means neighbors will be so few and far in between. Praise God for your and Andrew’s heart! Keep up the good work.

  2. MacKenzie Says:

    That’s awesome. I’ll be praying.

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