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Divine Appointment on the Beach April 28, 2010

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This past weekend brought about an awesome appointment on the Galveston beach. Andrew & I went and stayed with Nana this weekend, painted her back porch, and spent Saturday afternoon/evening on the beach, out to dinner/gelato, and sitting in the parlor of a fancy hotel.

It was a time for us to getaway and spend time talking on the things we were thankful for these past almost 2 years of marriage before our son will bring us to a count of 3! We also chatted about our anticipations/excitements for things to come with our new baby boy.

BUT God had other plans for this weekend too! Saturday while sitting on the beach a woman named Roxanne and her 6 year old daughter plopped right in front of us.  She was super friendly and as such struck up a conversation with me.  We started chatting and as she asked what we were doing (we had a journal out and were writing things that we cherish down) I mentioned that we were thanking the Lord for all the things that have happened and that we were reflecting back on the last 2 years.  She said, “Oh, so you’re Christians.”  Yes, I replied, and off the conversation went.  We talked for probably over an hour.

She explained her beliefs to me.  She didn’t believe in Jesus, as Savior.  There’s one, true, all powerful God. No heaven or hell. There’s no such thing as sin or that Adam & Eve paved our way to be doomed.  After we die our spirits (the living spirit) continues on and reincarnates itself, as energy cannot just die.  The whole time I’m listening and nodding, not knowing what to say to some of her thoughts.  What do you say to someone whose claiming to believe there is no sin?!  Amazingly enough she wasn’t bitter or unfriendly. She smiled the whole conversation.  She kept referring to things very respectfully toward me by saying “For me I believe….”

To tell you our whole conversation would be quite long.  I’ll summarize.  As a very honest, passionate, self proclaimed “hippie,” and a seeker, she broke down several times  in tears as I shared with her the hope of God still accepting and loving her.  She’s never TOO far gone.  She opened up about childhood hurts and memories of her past.  She told me she wants to believe but just can’t.  I encouraged that really it’s not like she can just wake up one day and decide to be a Christian. It’s not a transaction void of revelation.  God has to reveal himself to you and to reveal that Jesus is who he says he is.  Her eyes are blinded until the Lord mercifully turns on the lights so to speak.  I was able to use logic in some ways to help her come around to seeing more of what she truly believed.  I asked if she believed their is true evil, to which she said yes.  If there is such a thing as ABSOLUTE evil than there has to be an ABSOLUTE truth too.  You can’t have one without the other.  Then I talked about why we rail against evil and pain in this lifetime is because we long for a place where nothing evil/wrong happens and the reason we even hope for a place like that is because there is a place like that.  God has put eternity in our hearts.

We chatted about her experiences with other Christians.  She told me, “If I sense a hint of doubt or if they get defensive when I’ve resisted their beliefs, it totally turns me away. They lose me.”  I understood.  She thinks, “Why should I believe what you’re telling me when you don’t even seem confident and bold in it. Why would I want to believe what you do when your reaction to me seems condemning/judgmental?” Wow. I was thankful for her honesty.  Praise be to God he enabled me (through my extreme weakness) not to go into our conversation with guns blazing so to speak, but to listen to her (mainly b/c I had no idea what to say or how to continue on in our conversation. I didn’t feel strong or confident to just rip apart her false beliefs). I would have easily been another “one of those” experiences for her. I know myself and how’ve shared in the past at times.  I thank God for revealing to me how strong he is in my weakness.  Makes me want to be limp and weak more often.

I was enabled to share the good news of Jesus with her in multiple ways and through different faucets as we discussed her life.  She’s felt so alone in this seeking journey and not TRULY confident about anything she believes really.  Her family would freak out she said if they knew I didn’t believe or struggled to believe.  No one else she knows wants to talk about spiritual issues. So she’s been silent for fear of rejection from others and she’s felt so alone in this journey.  I told her I hate the enemy for doing that to her.  He wants her to feel all alone and like the ONLY one in this, but it’s a lie.  I encouraged her to keep seeking God.  He wants to be known and to be found.  He will reveal himself to you I told her.  I believe God is pursuing her, otherwise he would not have divinely appointed me to share this truth with you today.  She agreed with me at how it definitely was the Lord and how much she needed to hear this at this time in her life.

I encouraged her to keep seeking God.  I told her to read through John and then to read through the gospels to discover who Jesus says he is, what his life was like, who was he around, what did he do.  I encouraged her to be honest and open with God, telling him that she wants to know him, asking him to prove/reveal to her that Jesus is who he says he is if it’s true and to show her the Truth.  The Word says if we ask we will receive, seek and will shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you.  She was thankful for my hope for her.  I was thankful for God’s heart.

I was so thankful that the Lord showed me how faithful he is to his creation.  He desires none to perish.  He wants Roxanne, her Muslium husband and her daughter Katrina.  He wants them.  And even though I didn’t wake up that morning just rocking it with the Lord, he was faithful to use me because he loves these people and wants them to know that.  Even when I am unfaithful, he is faithful.  He is even faithful to use me in my weakness and frailty.  He LOVES US, OH HOW HE LOVES US!

Please take 2 minutes right now to lift up Roxanne, her Muslium husband, and daughter Katrina (who knows about Jesus and with child like faith believes  he did die on the cross!).  Ask God to continue pursuing her in Houston and for him to reveal himself to her.  Ask God to help woo her to keep seeking after him and that she’d be saved.  And that their whole household would be Jesus followers! God is reaching out. Ask God to help them step out in faith by his grace to place their trust in Jesus for salvation.

Even in attempts to be short, it was kinda long, but thanks for reading & praying!


2 Responses to “Divine Appointment on the Beach”

  1. holly Says:

    Thank You God for going after people. Get em Lord! 🙂 Praying with you for these, Amanda. 🙂

    oh and how I could relate to this “And even though I didn’t wake up that morning just rocking it with the Lord, he was faithful to use me because he loves these people and wants them to know that.” LOL!

  2. Paul Says:

    God is just that awesome. He is always working, if we’re ready we can be apart of the cool things. I thank God that you are building a godly home and that you and Andrew are pursuing God with a passion. I can’t wait to see my great nephew

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