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Baby’s Almost Here and Look What’s Been Happening June 9, 2010

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I know I know…it’s been forever since I’ve written about what’s going on with us LeJeunes. Well ALOT has happened in the past month.

I had my first ever Mothers Day on May 9! Andrew bought me flowers that lasted so long and were so pretty. They were orange/coral Gerber daisies. I also got to help host Kyndall’s shower the very next weekend in Dallas and enjoyed some AWESOME girl time. Seriously, walking away from those old college roomies/friends is a treasured experience always. I’m constantly refreshed by them. We had some goooood conversation and fun too.

The next weekend Kyndall came down to see me for a little bit. It was the last time that we’ll hang out just the two of us before I become a mommy! I was thankful for her coming and hanging out with Andrew & I for a short stint.

Only a few days later on March 25 and I became an aunt to Miss Chloe Lewise Balthrop!

She’s SO precious. I can’t wait to meet her when they come down when our son is born, which is less than a week away probably! Ahh! Allison had a great birth experience that I was grateful to the Lord for. I’m hoping the same is true for me too.  Either way, I want a healthy baby and a healthy me. Here’s a little onesie dress I made Chole that I really like.

My parents are having so much fun with grandchildren coming into this world. It’s fun to see Dad get really excited about Chloe. 🙂

We’re also getting our home all together for our son’s soon arrival. His official due date is June 14, but we’ll see when he decides to get here. I’m hoping to have plenty of time to recover so I can make it to Keith & Kyndall’s wedding on June 26.  I want to show him off too! 🙂  I’ve been feeling more crampy lately and getting more ready to see him as I face the reality that it really is going to be here ANY DAY now. I’m gearing up for this big event.

In preparation, I made myself a fun pillowcase to take with me to the hospital.

Nothing like a fun festive pillow to make all those contractions just a little bit less blah.  It will also be fun to see it in all the after pictures when I go back and look through them.

Funny thing: all 3 of Dale’s employees: Libby, Me and Brooke are all pregnant now.  Babies are showing up everywhere it seems.

Keep us in your prayers these next 2 weeks. I’m obviously a little nervous because I’ve never had a baby before. Andrew keeps praying over me that I will KNOW that God is with me during that time. I pray that I am at peace and at rest in my spirit even as I labor in pain. Pray for our nurses, for Andrew as he coaches me and for God to bless our delivery. Next post will probably be about our new little baby boy! 🙂