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So Many New Things Happening! January 31, 2011

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Wow…it seems to be my pattern to only update the blog about once a month these days. Oh well, somethin’ better than nutin’!

Let us bring you up to speed with what’s bee going on in the LeJeune household since the last blog update:

  • Reynen sprouted 2 teeth! (and we think he’s still teething too – he’s been soaking wet for a few days now!)
  • Reynen started to crawl and stand himself up on things! (fun, but also lots more work for mom & dad now!)
  • We lowered Reynen’s crib down to the near lowest setting.  We were eating dinner and looked over to see Reynen standing in his crib so we had to lower it.
  • Reynen loves to gab away and say “da-da” even though we’re pretty sure the words have no connection to Andrew yet.
  • Andrew started his student teaching out at Caldwell Intermediate School. His mentor teacher Mrs. Tucker is a nice lady who has lots of experience.  Andrew said he’s glad that she’s his mentor and just this week she actually recommended him to the principal for any available math jobs coming open next year! She told the principal she thought he’d make a great math teacher! What an honor in only a few weeks of working with him!
  • God has been PROVIDING in CRAZY ABUNDANCE for us this semester when we’ve needed the most financial help.  In a time when we were expecting to feel strapped, we feel flooded and refreshed by more than enough! Our family and friends have gone ABOVE and BEYOND to take care of us and share in their blessings! We are so grateful and so encouraged to continue to trust God as we see the Lord bring in our daily bread each month.  We have a new gratitude in giving of the tithe as we remember with every tithe God is PROVIDING!
  • We are TREMENDOUSLY enjoying our homegroup. They are the BOMB.COM! So excited and pumped for this next semester of spending life together.

Besides those highlights about life in general, here are some other deeper things happening for us:

  • We fight discouraging news about the teaching job market often and desire to continually HOPE in God. Not that he will give us exactly what we want when we want (though we do diligently ask God to open the door for a teaching job for Fall 2011), but that we would KNOW that he will provide in whatever ways he desires.  And hope in that God who promises to take care of us.
  • Andrew is struggling with anxiety and stress with the schedule and his own inner desires.  Please pray that God grants him peace and that he would take every care to the Lord, thanking Him and praying.  I know God has surfaced it only to set him FREE. God wants us to live in freedom.  Pray for freedom in this area.
  • I feel the Lord calling me to a semester of focusing on prayer, mainly in praying through his word, and specifically conquering pride and unbelief through prayer.  I’ve been reading lots of prayers in Beth Moore’s “Praying God’s Word: Breaking Free From Spiritual Strongholds.”  It’s been a real helpful tool in my prayer life and calling me further into humility.
  • I have been more confronted with my lack of submission to Andrew in so many small ways (where it really counts) and have been memorizing/meditating on Eph. 5:21.  Pray I would humble myself to submit just as the church submits to Christ, of which he is the Savior.  I know God has lots of  “saving” in mind for me through my submission to my husband.
  • We are often wearied and tired with taking care of Reynen. Right now has been a hard transition as he’s been sick, runny nose, teething, not eating very well, and all this coupled with the decision to incorporate formula into his diet to help him gain weight. It’s very exhausting at certain times to know what he’s needing in the moment. Please pray for God’s grace, sustaining power, strength, energy, and above all LOVE for him!

Thanks for your prayers and love. We sure need them to survive here on this earth!


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