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Home Tour: Bathroom March 12, 2011

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Well I thought it was time to document our little abode and what it looks like these days. I’ll show you the bathroom in this post and follow up in a separate posts about our bedroom, living room and dining/kitchen. And I’ll show you some before and afters. Mmmm…don’t you love some good before and afters? I love me some good home beautifying transformations. I’ve been encouraged by Passionate Homeamaking to simplify and to decorate for the glory of God. I enjoy making my home beautiful, comfortable, and inviting for my family and others.

So let’s kick things off with our bathroom. Small, but gets ‘er done. Andrew and I can both stand at the mirror and not bump elbows while brushing our teeth. Hooray! I love how fresh and clean it feels to me too. As with all things here, it’s been a slow but steady updating process.

Here’s a few before shots, taken a couple months after we got married, back in 2008.

bathroom counter - Andrew's side

bathroom counter - Amanda's side

bathroom window

Things have definitely morphed over the past 2.5 years we’ve lived here.  I realized that our countertops were too cluttered and not appealing to the eye. The round basket you see on the floor is no longer there. It stayed there a while since we liked having some reading material for when you’re there a little longer ;), but it often was cluttered. I love our Ikea shower curtain. It’s a keeper.  And we still have our little hand towel that I inherited from Brent Wilson (thanks for letting me hold on to it Brent!).  And I cherish that white candle holder from Kyndall Dollar. She gave me that as we were parting ways from living in the Broadmoor House. I still think about you Kyndall when I see it! Our towel/bath robe over the door hanger no longer faces outward. Not sure why we kept it like that for some time, but I finally realized it was much nicer to NOT stare at towels and sweaty workout clothes when you are lying on your bed. So all the stuff is behind the door and doesn’t get seen.

So here’s the updated pictures of what the bathroom looks like now.

ahhh...clean decluttered countertops

I decided we didn’t need ALL our things out on the counter. Plus I stopped using half of the products cluttering them up anyway. I grabbed this hammered silver serving dish from our kitchen to wrangle our deodorants, facial cleansers, Andrew’s shaver, moisturizer, my Origins White Tea Guardian, and a hair band (to pull my hair out of my face) in this one dish. I then have a little silver decorative dish to corral hair ties, earrings and bobby pins from the end of the day before putting them away. On the other side of the big silver container is a glass jar (I think it had homemade apple butter in it at one point) that holds cotton balls. The rest of our stuff is under the sink in plastic drawers and baskets. I keep all our detergent, duplicate toiletry items, makeup, hair accessories, and bathroom cleaner supplies down there.

On the other side of the counter is just a toothbrush holder, bar soap, and my Scentsy candle wax warmer that my mother-in-law gave me this Christmas. I love that it acts a little light when on too! The bar soap previously was in a green vintage dish (seen in the before picture above), but I think the clear rubber soap holder not only spares the sink from rust, but the transparency of it helps keep things looking less overpowering.  The picture hanging up is one from our engagement session. 🙂

Here’s the window sill that houses some decorative trinkets, our “scents”, bath salts, and a wooden cross turned jewelry tree. I enjoy having plants, even fake ones in our home.  They just help liven things up. I also tend to lean towards natural/earthy elements and textured items in my decorating. The vintage green bar soap dish now holds a green pear, a bottle of Rosemary oil, and a heirloom bracelet from my great grandmother.  The green decanter like I said before is filled with good smelling bath salt given to me by my grandma  this Christmas. I also really love glass…and colored glass…and colored textured glass. Don’t remember where I got the cross from honestly, but I’ve always used it to hang my necklaces and it’s worked great. Helps that it’s the exact color of our shower curtain. You know it’s funny how so many of my random finds or gifts that I got, long in advance before scoring the shower curtain/knowing what colors our bathroom would be, all coordinate.  Awesome.

Here you get a full long short shot of the bathroom. This hamper I got when I was pregnant with Reynen to be used as a diaper pail. Up until a week ago it had been next to our changing table and the smaller black hamper was in the bathroom. But since this one holds a lot more diapers than the black hamper, it was getting REALLY stinky in our bedroom (it wouldn’t get changed as often). Going to sleep smelling poopie diapers is no bueno. Plus, our dirty clothes were always overflowing, ending up on top of the black hamper for a few days week before they were washed. Our laundry piles up because we don’t have a washer/dryer, so we only do it twice a month at our neighborhood laundromat.

At first you might think, nothing is different here…oh contrare! Besides the air freshener sitting up top (not a big deal at all), we have a sage green toliet brush, a teal plunger (on the right side of the toilet- you only see the white handle – probably better anyway), and a green acrylic trash can (which can’t been seen), AND the biggest, coolest change is the flush valve.  So I guess a month or more ago our discolored flush valve broke off and we were in need of replacement. That’s when I remembered that I had seen these awesome DIYers at Young House Love switch their old one out for a dual flush converter. It helps you save water. The top button has 1 water drop on it for those #1 times and the bottom button has 2 water drops on it for when you “need more power” as the box says.  Even though our landlords pay our water for us, this little guy not only looks better, but also saves them money too! So far so good.

Well that wraps up this exciting portion of our home tour. I know, you were riveted huh. haha. Okay, so maybe not. But really this is for me to document our first place and it’s transformation. I don’t know how long we’ll live here in this place or if we’ll be here many more years, so I want to have some pictures of our first place.  I’m just kinda starting at the back and working my way forward in our apartment so next time will be our bedroom.  Happy decorating/transforming!


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