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Home Tour: Living Room March 23, 2011

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Hey there! Back again with some photos and chatting about our little casa. This time we’re looking at our living room. This room as had the most significant changes out of any of them, because it’s needed to serve different functions so many times. I’d say at the beginning it looked like a college dorm room, random and uh…youthful? But this was right after being in college so it’s no wonder it looked like this:

I would say pardon the keyboard, but let’s be honest, it wouldn’t make things look awesome if that weren’t on the ground. Now let’s take a look at it these days:

Quite a difference, huh? I think it looks just a little bit more grown up than a college dorm. Of course prior to it having a crib in it, the living room used to house a full size couch on that wall with the window AND the smaller love seat (placed where the crib is now). We used to have the small white bookshelf in our room where the changing table is now.  The picture rectangle on the wall kinda looks wonky, but in person it looks much straighter. I just used the most similar frames I owned (browns, muted silvers) and then took the wooden frames/mirror I already had and painted them teal, arranged them on the floor in a way that worked out best and then hung them with command strips and nails. The pictures in them frames consist of all sorts of photos: from wedding photos, to a birth collage, to Reynen’s foot prints, kid art, and family photos.  It’s an assortment and they can always be changed. The big brown ottoman is the ottoman that came with the free hand-me-down love seat. It’s got a hunter green & maroon fishing patterned fabric underneath. I bought a cream sofa cover for the love seat, but they don’t make ottoman covers for our over sized storage ottoman. I had to make my own and figured that since feet would be on it, brown would be best.  The ottoman holds a few decorative items, coffee table books, software, extension cords, and gift bags.

Let’s take a closer look a few things that I really love about this room.


Crib Storage

On of the best things about our crib is that it has this under the bed storage drawer. As you can see we have plenty of things in it. This kid has got a lot of toys…many of which are waiting to be gifted to others (sorry pregnant friends, hope you’re not offended :)) When I was looking for a crib, this was one of my top features I wanted because storage is precious when you have little space for your growing family.

Our “nursery” colors were bright colors of all sorts, so this little shelf above Reynen’s bed fits in great. I love the green alligator and fun picture frames.

Reynen's Dresser

Because of how much we were BLESSED at our showers, we had a LOT of clothes. In fact, I haven’t had to buy a single item of clothing (minus a baby swimsuit) in the last 9.5 months! Awesome, awesome! So we needed a place to store all of the new baby things we received. We use the changing table/dresser in our bedroom for our clothes, since most people don’t want to see our unmentionables in the living room baskets. 🙂 I thought about grabbing the same baskets for the entire thing and only putting baskets in 2 of the rows, but then I found these colorful bigger ones at Target on sale. I also saw after arranging the baskets, I needed more storage, so i grabbed up three and arranged them in a mix-n-match pattern. They’re not the same size, but I think they look alright. It also helps that the smaller baskets get fuller and resemble the green ones height. I have baby blankets, bibs/burp cloths, cloth diapers, pjs, changing pad cover/diaper bag, pants, and outfits in these. I also put bright blue labels attached with ribbon on each of them, but my precious son has eaten a few 🙂

This is an antique side table from my great grandmother. I have a basket of toys and animals next to our love seat. The yellow bag (was a gift bag from a friend made from burlap) holds Reynen’s socks, shoes, and hats. It gets stowed away perfectly.  The bag was perfect because of it’s bright yellow print and the height!


entry way

Another one of my FAVORITE things in our apartment is this rocker. My Nana gave it to me after Hurricane Ike hit Galveston. She’d had this in her home for a long time. I had it reupholstered in this fun blue fabric, put a jewel tone orange pillow and a bright green frog on it (from my brother’s Japan visit). I love having vintage family pieces. Our entry way looks about the same as it always has. We used to pin papers on our corkboard, but it looked cluttered. So now we just have our world map and a few wooden International pieces on the entry way shelf.

This is right beside the door and behind our rocking chair. I LOVE using natural colored baskets to corral things. We use the big one to hold our shoes and the other holds my bible study material and magazines. I try to keep this basket less cluttered by ripping out the pages of the magazine that I like and combining them in a big binder. More on that when I talk about our kitchen.  We are blessed to have instruments…truly. They are also just bigger & bulky. The piano stays under our bed in a case and the guitar sits here for now….I might move it into our closet soon. Who knows.

I think that wraps up the living room/nursery post.  Enjoy making your space functional and fun!


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  1. I’m enjoying these ‘tour de Lejeune’ post! You’ve got me inspired… I may try to do something with our bedroom… cuz it defintely looks thrown-together-cuz-we-just-graduated-college-y.

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