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Home Tour: Dining Room March 30, 2011

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Welcome back to Home Tour at the LeJeunes! Let’s look at our dining room this time.  This room serves as our home office as well as where we dine as a little family.  Let’s take a look at the before:

It looks a lot bigger than it does now probably because there’s more stuff in it now.   Here’s what the place looks like now after the adjustments.

view from the kitchen

Just a few more decorative things and officey things here and there.  Our wine cart and dining room table were bought from my Nana’s neighbor in Galveston who was moving. My mom bought these for us right before we got married.   We paid only $25 for the wine cart and it’s a great piece. The top is a butcher block. I really had wanted to use it as an island in our kitchen, but our kitchen isn’t big enough, so it serves a different purpose for us. I store table linens, candles, decorative knick knacks, craft materials and fabric in this. The wine bottle slots have a few old wine & beverage bottles that I like.  The three things on our wall over our dining room table are a large hammered circle piece we got as a wedding present, our cake toppers “L”, and a picture Andrew bought for me in Italy 2 years ago.  He actually took a photo of the guy painting the portrait with the actual place he was painting in the foreground. I think it’s our only “real” piece of artwork. 🙂

Top of the Wine Cart

On top of the wine cart is our HP wireless printer (a Christmas present) and a basic 3 tiered file shelf that I spray painted paint (it had been black).  I just recently grabbed this wire scrolly shelf on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $15. I tried to outfit to incorporate both the office and kitchen elements this room has in it.

There are bowls, a cool Anthropologie mug, cloth napkins, cute apple thank you cards, and bowls filled with kitchen items (I’ve since removed the ruler, cuz it looked a little strange up there).  Above the shelf is our handmade Downtown Vancouver, Canada canvas. We bought a map of Vancouver over our honeymoon as our souvenir. When we got home we had some random piece of clear thin plastic and a canvas exactly the size of our map. So I painted the sides of the canvas to match the blue in the picture, put the map on top of the canvas and then stretched the plastic as tight as we could over it and used a staple gun to keep it in place. It turned out great! We love it, because we can see places that we visited on there and is a reminder of the great time we had.

This is my little sewing/fabric nook. I have fabrics sorted and bound my color in these drawers. On top is my sewing cubby (and also where Andrew like to stash his morning devo materials). In the back I have wrapping paper held in a tall vase I had.

This is command central for all things bill, schedule, office supply, filing, and storing related. You can see what the black shelf used to look like without the fabric curtain.

Things look different under there now but some is the same. We keep our drill, light bulbs, scrapbook bag, file box, acrylic paints, old check book carbon copies, etc. in this storage area. To conceal all the storage but also give us a way to access it easily, I just made to panels that act like doors on the front. I used a piece of peel and stick Velcro to attach the panels, by sewing on the fuzzy side to the fabric and then wrapping the adhesive side to the metal shelf. I has stuck on there really well too.

On top of the shelf I used a basket that held wedding favors to corral tape, scissors, highlighters and more for easy access.

I had these Russian doll colorful boxes that I use to hold note pads and such.  The pens are in a round clear glass vase.  And one of my favorite projects was creating this little stationary/card catalog out of small wooden trunk type thing I had. I made dividers out of cardboard and covered them with fun scrapbook paper, then labeled each one “Blank”, “Holiday”, “Thank You”, etc. I enjoy collecting cute, spunky stationary to write notes on!

Next to this is a stacking file sorter that I scored at Goodwill for 99¢! I try to (key word try) put things that need to be looked at in the first slot, things that are still pending move up to the next tier, and then things that need to be filed away in the last tier. Then every so often, or when it’s full, I file them in our file box below.

Well I think that’s all for now! Feel free to ask me any questions or if I didn’t talk about something you’re curious about, just comment.  Thanks for tuning in!


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