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DIY: Custom Tufted Headboard November 29, 2011

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I’ve been meaning to post several DIY projects I’ve done, as well as decorating the house pictures that I’ve wanted to post. So I’ll be posting a couple over the next days.

I’m sure there are many ways to do a customized headboard, but after reading several blogs online, this is how I tackled the project.

I started out by measuring the width I desired, which for us was 4″ bigger than our bed to allow 2″ on each side. Since I wanted the headboard to be 6′ tall, I bought 2 pieces of plywood and had Lowe’s cut it for me in the store to where I had a 4′ tall piece and a 2′ tall piece.


To assemble the two pieces to make my headboard, I grabbed 8 metal tie plates and some screws. Then I staggered 4 of them on one side and staggered them differently on the reverse side so it would be stable.




Once it was assembled, I decided on where I wanted my tufts to be once I upholstered the headboard. After I marked each to-be tuft with an a penciled “X” mark, I used a small drill bit (big enough for a needle to go through, but not too big) to make my holes. It’s best if you do this step PRIOR to putting batting and fabric so it’s easier to create evenly spaced tufts.

ImageNext was putting on the batting. I didn’t have to use any adhesive since the wood grabbed the batting nice and snugly.  I also the batting I bought wasn’t 6′ wide, but I didn’t really need to pay for more batting that would just be on the bottom of the headboard and not leaned against. So I just bought enough to cover the top half of the headboard. The trickier part to this project was creating the custom fabric piece to cover it. I bought enough fabric to create 3 equal pieces which I sewed to together in order to have 1 big panel for the board. Even though I do have creases on the headboard, you can hardly tell. The rest was easy. Just pulled  tightly and wrapped the board like a present using a staple gun as I went along. I made sure to pull tightly, so that when I did make my tufts the would stand out more.


Last item was to create the tufts. This was the other trickier part of the project, but it turned out great.  I used a method I had seen online. I bought some upholstery thread (you want it to be tough enough to withstand the strain and pull you’ll be putting on it) and then used a regular needle and some buttons.

So here’s what I did. I wove the needle and thread through the button to the front of the headboard and back through the button, using it as the anchor in the back.  Once I felt I had gone through enough times and it was creating a nice tuft. I secured a small finishing nail right next to the button for me to tie the thread off.  And then hammered the nail on top of the button to secure it.  Woila! Tuft completed. The hard part of this stage in the project was being able to make the tufts in the middle of the board. My arm wasn’t able to reach over and do it all by myself.  I had to have Andrew at some points receiving the needle on the other side and threading it back to me.  But we got all of them done and it was a finished project!

I’m very proud of my DIY headboard and had fun with it.  As for costs, it was about a $40-50 project with the batting, fabric, upholstery thread, wood, metal ties, and screws. But I have leftover wood pieces and screws, so not too bad for a custom fit headboard.  🙂


One Response to “DIY: Custom Tufted Headboard”

  1. darla rhoads Says:

    You did a great job. You and Allison are so talented! Love yal, Darla Rhoads

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