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DIY: Advent Calendar Pinboard December 7, 2011

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Last Christmas I saw this cool tutorial by Katie over at Bower Power. I really wanted to do it last Christmas, but I didn’t. But I finally did it this Christmas with my 2nd trimester energy! I really like it.

The inspiration comes from the Pottery Barn Linen Board Advent Calendar below.

ImageHere’s the breakdown of how I managed to use everything I already owned to complete this project. It does involve some creativity 🙂

I didn’t have a pinboard on hand, BUT I did have a roll of cork. I also had some cardboard from a big box that Reynen’s Christmas present came in.  I cut out two equal pieces of cardboard and glued them together. I laid a couple of heavy books on them for a whole day just to ensure they’d stick well together.

Once my base looked good, I cut out a piece of my cork to and once again used my craft glue to adhere the cork to my backing. Again I laid books on it and let it dry well before moving on.

Here’s a snapshot of my layers. Obviously it’s not the prettiest thing, but it all worked out in the end. You can see two layers of cardboard and then the cork on top.


Here’s what it looked like right after everything was assembled:


Next step was attaching my linen burlap fabric that I already owned. It looks just like linen, only has a more nubby texture to it. I was relieved that I had a piece that was just the right size to stretch it over my board. I used a staple gun to wrap the board like a present.

ImageThe next part required more creativity. To find all the trinkets/ornaments for my advent calendar, I pulled all my existing ornaments out and had about 14 to use that were in the silver/gold/clear/shiny category. I was about to go out and buy 11 more ornaments when my friend Dani suggested I look around for some trinkets to use. So I searched our place high and low and found

  1. White beaded floral pick to cut a piece off
  2. A gemstone brooch
  3. Photo hanging wire and some scrapbook paper to make a custom “L” shape ornament
  4. A cork that had a wire cap on it for me to use as a hanger
  5. A few mini pine cones I could wrap together
  6. A golden star cookie cutter
  7. A straw ball from a bowl of potpourri
  8. Several loose keys to create a strand
  9. Andrew’s Aggie ring
  10. A cluster of sticks from outside
  11. A mini heart shaped whisk from the kitchen

So I ended up having everything I needed to create my advent! I also had the EXACTLY 25 gold headed push pins too 🙂 The rest involved making a template out of white cardstock for the numbers and gift tagish backgrounds. My number sheets were about 1″x2″  and I used a gold sharpie for the numbers.  I pushed the pin into both pieces at the same time to attach the numbers on top of my white gift tag looking pieces.

So here’s my finished product:


I like it! As far as hanging it goes. I hot glued a wide grossgrain ribbon loop to the upper/ mid-back section of cardboard and hung it on a finishing nail. Because it wasn’t a great hanger for the board, I did have to use a small square of double adhesive tape to keep my board level on the wall. So there you have it: my DIY Advent Calendar!


One Response to “DIY: Advent Calendar Pinboard”

  1. Looks really cute! know you told me about this last week. Wish I would’ve known you needed a pin board. I had one from when I made the boys bulletin boards when they started A & M. This turned out really well.

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