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Old Wooden Chair Redo April 8, 2011

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I recently got to refinish an old wooden chair (something I’ve wanted to do for a while). Our neighbors had 2 old wooden chairs on their curb ready for the dump, but I asked if I could take them instead. Of course they agreed. The other one I haven’t touched yet, but I did get to redo one of them.

Here’s the chair in it’s moldy, worn, ugly state:

I went out and bought some 100 grit sand paper, two 2″ angled brushes, and a can of interior/exterior primer. I’ve had this small can of Glidden paint which has been itching to see it’s debut for a while, and it’s day is finally here!  After sanding it (which isn’t hard, but took me some time) and 1 coat of primer, I let it dry for over an hour. Then I put on 2 coats of Spring Leaf by Glidden. I used an oil based primer and latex interior paint.  Since the paint I used is really meant for walls and interiors, I plan on putting a coat of Polyurethane to protect it since it’s sitting outside. I just have to wait until the end of the month for funds.

So here is the Ugly Duckling turned Swan Princess (in chair world):

The chair is settled right next to the front door. In fact I’m actually sitting in it writing this post! It’s such a fun fresh spring color and looks great.

I did learn a few things from this paint job to take onto the next:

  • Don’t skimp on sanding. I was eager to get going with the project and paint (you know the fun parts 🙂 ), but I should have taken a little more time and sanded out a few other areas.
  • Not to worry about coats of paint being too thin. Better to have multiple coats than some clumpy or goopy spots.
  • Try hard not to go over anything immediately after painting it, because it does get sticky/tacky as it drys which makes your paint job look tacky.

So there’s ugly chair turned better than it was. Not perfect, but a fun project none the less!


Home Tour: Living Room March 23, 2011

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Hey there! Back again with some photos and chatting about our little casa. This time we’re looking at our living room. This room as had the most significant changes out of any of them, because it’s needed to serve different functions so many times. I’d say at the beginning it looked like a college dorm room, random and uh…youthful? But this was right after being in college so it’s no wonder it looked like this:

I would say pardon the keyboard, but let’s be honest, it wouldn’t make things look awesome if that weren’t on the ground. Now let’s take a look at it these days:

Quite a difference, huh? I think it looks just a little bit more grown up than a college dorm. Of course prior to it having a crib in it, the living room used to house a full size couch on that wall with the window AND the smaller love seat (placed where the crib is now). We used to have the small white bookshelf in our room where the changing table is now.  The picture rectangle on the wall kinda looks wonky, but in person it looks much straighter. I just used the most similar frames I owned (browns, muted silvers) and then took the wooden frames/mirror I already had and painted them teal, arranged them on the floor in a way that worked out best and then hung them with command strips and nails. The pictures in them frames consist of all sorts of photos: from wedding photos, to a birth collage, to Reynen’s foot prints, kid art, and family photos.  It’s an assortment and they can always be changed. The big brown ottoman is the ottoman that came with the free hand-me-down love seat. It’s got a hunter green & maroon fishing patterned fabric underneath. I bought a cream sofa cover for the love seat, but they don’t make ottoman covers for our over sized storage ottoman. I had to make my own and figured that since feet would be on it, brown would be best.  The ottoman holds a few decorative items, coffee table books, software, extension cords, and gift bags.

Let’s take a closer look a few things that I really love about this room.


Crib Storage

On of the best things about our crib is that it has this under the bed storage drawer. As you can see we have plenty of things in it. This kid has got a lot of toys…many of which are waiting to be gifted to others (sorry pregnant friends, hope you’re not offended :)) When I was looking for a crib, this was one of my top features I wanted because storage is precious when you have little space for your growing family.

Our “nursery” colors were bright colors of all sorts, so this little shelf above Reynen’s bed fits in great. I love the green alligator and fun picture frames.

Reynen's Dresser

Because of how much we were BLESSED at our showers, we had a LOT of clothes. In fact, I haven’t had to buy a single item of clothing (minus a baby swimsuit) in the last 9.5 months! Awesome, awesome! So we needed a place to store all of the new baby things we received. We use the changing table/dresser in our bedroom for our clothes, since most people don’t want to see our unmentionables in the living room baskets. 🙂 I thought about grabbing the same baskets for the entire thing and only putting baskets in 2 of the rows, but then I found these colorful bigger ones at Target on sale. I also saw after arranging the baskets, I needed more storage, so i grabbed up three and arranged them in a mix-n-match pattern. They’re not the same size, but I think they look alright. It also helps that the smaller baskets get fuller and resemble the green ones height. I have baby blankets, bibs/burp cloths, cloth diapers, pjs, changing pad cover/diaper bag, pants, and outfits in these. I also put bright blue labels attached with ribbon on each of them, but my precious son has eaten a few 🙂

This is an antique side table from my great grandmother. I have a basket of toys and animals next to our love seat. The yellow bag (was a gift bag from a friend made from burlap) holds Reynen’s socks, shoes, and hats. It gets stowed away perfectly.  The bag was perfect because of it’s bright yellow print and the height!


entry way

Another one of my FAVORITE things in our apartment is this rocker. My Nana gave it to me after Hurricane Ike hit Galveston. She’d had this in her home for a long time. I had it reupholstered in this fun blue fabric, put a jewel tone orange pillow and a bright green frog on it (from my brother’s Japan visit). I love having vintage family pieces. Our entry way looks about the same as it always has. We used to pin papers on our corkboard, but it looked cluttered. So now we just have our world map and a few wooden International pieces on the entry way shelf.

This is right beside the door and behind our rocking chair. I LOVE using natural colored baskets to corral things. We use the big one to hold our shoes and the other holds my bible study material and magazines. I try to keep this basket less cluttered by ripping out the pages of the magazine that I like and combining them in a big binder. More on that when I talk about our kitchen.  We are blessed to have instruments…truly. They are also just bigger & bulky. The piano stays under our bed in a case and the guitar sits here for now….I might move it into our closet soon. Who knows.

I think that wraps up the living room/nursery post.  Enjoy making your space functional and fun!


Home Tour: Bedroom March 14, 2011

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Back again for some home touring! Let’s take a look at our bedroom transformation. This room really has come a long way.

Bedroom back in the day

Now let’s take a look at the bedroom, 2.5+ years later:

Here’s looking at the room from our bathroom. You can see that things look a LOT different.  There are several really special pieces that make this bedroom “ours.”  Take the artwork over the bed. Andrew and I painted that on a date night of ours at Muldoons (a new Moroccan coffee shop). We brought our canvases, paint, and baby and set up shop. What’s really special about the piece is that it’s symbolic of Revelation 19, the passage of the wedding ceremony of the Lamb and his Bride. This passage was read at our wedding as our gospel presentation.

Then a voice came from the throne, saying:

“Praise our God,
all you his servants,
you who fear him,
both great and small!”

Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting:

For our Lord God Almighty reigns.
Let us rejoice and be glad
and give him glory!
For the wedding of the Lamb has come,
and his bride has made herself ready.
Fine linen, bright and clean,
was given her to wear.”

(Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of God’s holy people.)

Then the angel said to me, “Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!” And he added, “These are the true words of God.”

The painting actually is a colored representation of Rev. 19:11-19. We thought it would be appropriate and special to do something symbolic of this passage since it was from our wedding. We considered drawing Jesus on the white horse coming back for his bride…but opted for something a little more attainable for us unskilled artists. So we took all the colors represented in passage: the WHITE horse that Christ rides, the CROWNS (GOLD) on his head, the robe dipped in BLOOD (RED), the sharp SWORD and IRON (SILVER) scepter with him, and the armies with him dressed in fine linen, WHITE and clean. The BLUE dots symbolize the parting of the clouds. There are 3 crowns above the white dot in the second row (which is Christ), with the sword and iron scepter to either side of him. The other white dots all around are the army and the red dot is his blood dipped robe. I love that it was something we did together! It’s dear to me and I think it’s really cool looking too.

my side

This is my little white side table, inherited to me by a former roomate, Ashley. The lamps are a new wonderful gift from my mom. you can’t really see them in the pictures, but you can see them here. The added bonus of these guys (besides actually matching!) is they are height adjustable for my tall hubby! You can see from the old picture that we changed out the yellow curtains for these white ones from Ikea. This is another special thing to me…all the curtains in our room where picked out by Andrew and I together. It was actually a fun time at Ikea together deciding on which ones to buy. Andrew was the one to come up with the drapping canopy thing above our bed. We’ve had that ever since we got married, and it’s a romantic touch from him 🙂 And functionally it acts as our “headboard” of sorts. On my bedside table is a funky patterned, yellow Kleenex box of all things (amazing what you can repurpose!). I use this to store my small calendar and pens. There’s also a picture taken while walking on campus right after we got engaged (thrilled faces turned towards one another, hand in hand for the first time) on my nightstand. Such a sweet reminder of the blessing of our union.

Our apartment actually came with closet doors, but because the room was limited in the space factor, I asked our landlords to remove them so they didn’t jut out into our space. The curtains are a perfect alternative and help us store things that may stick out farther here and there.

Andrew's side

I didn’t take an up close of Andrew’s “nightstand” because it’s not an actual night stand. It’s random boxes stacked on each other covered with a tan blanket/wooden table runner. It works, but it’s not pretty. Maybe we’ll be able to at some point DIY some matching side tables or purchase some cheap ones. But for right now, it holds camping equipment.  On Andrew’s wall are two pictures I gave him. One is a collage print of outdoor photos of mountains, our family at the lake, fishing, and camping. The other was his Christmas gift from me. I found this cool print with his favorite tree, a white birch tree. It’s made to look like it has the words “Love Never Fails” engraved in it. Just another marriage themed piece of art for our bedroom.

At the end of our bed is our beloved “Hope” chest and it really is a chest full of hope. My Pop made it for us as a wedding present, right before he died. He was supposed to marry us, but passed away 2 months before. What’s so special is that my Nana & Pop covered the bottom with cut out scriptures on hope. They’re still all sitting at the bottom of the chest. This is a valuable piece in our bedroom and holds memories, quilts, and important keepsakes. Next to it is a $5 inheritance from my wonderful friend Joelle. She was moving out of the Cherry Street house and didn’t want. I had always wanted a storage ottoman just like this. Thanks Joelle! I keep our picture albums & scrapbooks in it.

Bedroom/Baby Changing Room 🙂

When you live in 400 sq. feet, you get creative with how many tasks your space does.  We grabbed this dresser at Ikea when it was on clearance. Since it’s solid pine, I figured even though it works with our current gray, yellow, and blue theme in our bedroom, I can always sand and repaint it down the road. The hamper acts as our diaper pail (we line it with a black trash bag). The other storage basket keeps games, extra diapers, and our Ergo carrier. This is also where the car seat rests when it’s indoors.  On the wall is a free mirror I got from my old coworker and friend Brooke. Courtney Patty and I braved a hot day before she left and recovered it with white and yellow mosaic tiles. Gave us an excuse for JJ’s snow cones! The mirror reminds me of her (she’s in KY now) and our friendship. The print next to it is an old Greek calendar page. I like it a lot because not only does it contain our bedroom colors in it, but more importantly because it’s a picture of a white veranda with 2 chairs around a small table overlooking the sea. It makes me think of sitting outside enjoying Andrew’s company, just the two of us. The curtains are yellow stripped ones from Ikea and match the dresser, the yellow in our canvas art, and bed pillow great. Again, Andrew was in on purchasing these too. The boy’s got skillz!

Here’s the back of our bedroom door. Everyone  needs a mirror to make sure they don’t look crazy before they leave the house 🙂 Added bonus if you have the cutest little boy in your mirror 🙂 I hang my scarves on the mirror and we have 2 prints of these exotic purple and green flowers on black mats on the small wall of the closet.  Nothing fancy here.

Well I think that wraps up the bedroom tour. We enjoy our little oasis for the two of us, sometimes three of us if we’re all helping change Rey Rey’s diaper. 😉


Home Tour: Bathroom March 12, 2011

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Well I thought it was time to document our little abode and what it looks like these days. I’ll show you the bathroom in this post and follow up in a separate posts about our bedroom, living room and dining/kitchen. And I’ll show you some before and afters. Mmmm…don’t you love some good before and afters? I love me some good home beautifying transformations. I’ve been encouraged by Passionate Homeamaking to simplify and to decorate for the glory of God. I enjoy making my home beautiful, comfortable, and inviting for my family and others.

So let’s kick things off with our bathroom. Small, but gets ‘er done. Andrew and I can both stand at the mirror and not bump elbows while brushing our teeth. Hooray! I love how fresh and clean it feels to me too. As with all things here, it’s been a slow but steady updating process.

Here’s a few before shots, taken a couple months after we got married, back in 2008.

bathroom counter - Andrew's side

bathroom counter - Amanda's side

bathroom window

Things have definitely morphed over the past 2.5 years we’ve lived here.  I realized that our countertops were too cluttered and not appealing to the eye. The round basket you see on the floor is no longer there. It stayed there a while since we liked having some reading material for when you’re there a little longer ;), but it often was cluttered. I love our Ikea shower curtain. It’s a keeper.  And we still have our little hand towel that I inherited from Brent Wilson (thanks for letting me hold on to it Brent!).  And I cherish that white candle holder from Kyndall Dollar. She gave me that as we were parting ways from living in the Broadmoor House. I still think about you Kyndall when I see it! Our towel/bath robe over the door hanger no longer faces outward. Not sure why we kept it like that for some time, but I finally realized it was much nicer to NOT stare at towels and sweaty workout clothes when you are lying on your bed. So all the stuff is behind the door and doesn’t get seen.

So here’s the updated pictures of what the bathroom looks like now.

ahhh...clean decluttered countertops

I decided we didn’t need ALL our things out on the counter. Plus I stopped using half of the products cluttering them up anyway. I grabbed this hammered silver serving dish from our kitchen to wrangle our deodorants, facial cleansers, Andrew’s shaver, moisturizer, my Origins White Tea Guardian, and a hair band (to pull my hair out of my face) in this one dish. I then have a little silver decorative dish to corral hair ties, earrings and bobby pins from the end of the day before putting them away. On the other side of the big silver container is a glass jar (I think it had homemade apple butter in it at one point) that holds cotton balls. The rest of our stuff is under the sink in plastic drawers and baskets. I keep all our detergent, duplicate toiletry items, makeup, hair accessories, and bathroom cleaner supplies down there.

On the other side of the counter is just a toothbrush holder, bar soap, and my Scentsy candle wax warmer that my mother-in-law gave me this Christmas. I love that it acts a little light when on too! The bar soap previously was in a green vintage dish (seen in the before picture above), but I think the clear rubber soap holder not only spares the sink from rust, but the transparency of it helps keep things looking less overpowering.  The picture hanging up is one from our engagement session. 🙂

Here’s the window sill that houses some decorative trinkets, our “scents”, bath salts, and a wooden cross turned jewelry tree. I enjoy having plants, even fake ones in our home.  They just help liven things up. I also tend to lean towards natural/earthy elements and textured items in my decorating. The vintage green bar soap dish now holds a green pear, a bottle of Rosemary oil, and a heirloom bracelet from my great grandmother.  The green decanter like I said before is filled with good smelling bath salt given to me by my grandma  this Christmas. I also really love glass…and colored glass…and colored textured glass. Don’t remember where I got the cross from honestly, but I’ve always used it to hang my necklaces and it’s worked great. Helps that it’s the exact color of our shower curtain. You know it’s funny how so many of my random finds or gifts that I got, long in advance before scoring the shower curtain/knowing what colors our bathroom would be, all coordinate.  Awesome.

Here you get a full long short shot of the bathroom. This hamper I got when I was pregnant with Reynen to be used as a diaper pail. Up until a week ago it had been next to our changing table and the smaller black hamper was in the bathroom. But since this one holds a lot more diapers than the black hamper, it was getting REALLY stinky in our bedroom (it wouldn’t get changed as often). Going to sleep smelling poopie diapers is no bueno. Plus, our dirty clothes were always overflowing, ending up on top of the black hamper for a few days week before they were washed. Our laundry piles up because we don’t have a washer/dryer, so we only do it twice a month at our neighborhood laundromat.

At first you might think, nothing is different here…oh contrare! Besides the air freshener sitting up top (not a big deal at all), we have a sage green toliet brush, a teal plunger (on the right side of the toilet- you only see the white handle – probably better anyway), and a green acrylic trash can (which can’t been seen), AND the biggest, coolest change is the flush valve.  So I guess a month or more ago our discolored flush valve broke off and we were in need of replacement. That’s when I remembered that I had seen these awesome DIYers at Young House Love switch their old one out for a dual flush converter. It helps you save water. The top button has 1 water drop on it for those #1 times and the bottom button has 2 water drops on it for when you “need more power” as the box says.  Even though our landlords pay our water for us, this little guy not only looks better, but also saves them money too! So far so good.

Well that wraps up this exciting portion of our home tour. I know, you were riveted huh. haha. Okay, so maybe not. But really this is for me to document our first place and it’s transformation. I don’t know how long we’ll live here in this place or if we’ll be here many more years, so I want to have some pictures of our first place.  I’m just kinda starting at the back and working my way forward in our apartment so next time will be our bedroom.  Happy decorating/transforming!