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Party Over Here, Party Over There May 16, 2011

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This month has been CELEBRATIONS galore. I partied with girlfriends, we celebrated Easter, we celebrated Mother’s Day, I partied with my sister & Josh and Kyndall & Keith (and Carsen!) in Dallas, and we’ve been planning Reynen’s big 1st birthday!

Almost 1! Enjoying the Splash Park!

Reynen just recently turned 11 months, which means only 1 more month to go before his BIG day! I’m so excited to CELEBRATE him and to throw him a party!  We’re planning on it being at Hensel Park, right across campus. It has a playground and lots of picnic tables, so I think it’s going to be fun. 🙂

I’m excited to make  the infamous Martha Stewart tissue balls and a homemade pennant flag banner for him, as well as making the cupcakes and Reynen’s smash cake! I’m also really trying to think of something special to do for Reynen to honor him.  I’ll fill you all in after the big bash on what we finally chose to do.  It’s gonna be so much fun!

Hannah & Jaclyn

I also road tripped it up with my homegirls from HG, CELEBRATING our friendships. We spent all day Saturday in downtown Houston looking through Anthropolgie & Pottery Barn, grabbing Starbucks, sharing our likes/dislikes on decor, sharing our lives and issues, eating at Panera Bread, sharing a shoulder to cry on, and eating some AMAZING chocolate cake at The Chocolate Bar.  My in-laws were awesome to come grab Reynen and play with him all day while I hung with the ladies. We had an awesome time!

Me & Andi

We’ve also been hanging out with our homegroup CELEBRATING the end of the semester. Last week we had a family movie night and watched Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.  It was hysterical! We were laughing the whole time. Super funny movie.  We’re about to launch our planning time this week for our summer with HG. Really seeking God on what he’d have us do together this summer.

being a boy - playing in the dirt

This last month we also went out to Lake Sommerville to go fishing to CELEBRATE Andrew being finally done with his student teaching. He’s officially a teacher now! Woohoo. I’m so proud of him. Oh, and just a word of caution. Fishing with a baby in tow is not that easy.  Or let me rephrase, trying to fish TOGETHER with a baby is difficult. We tried the pack-n-play, but he wanted out and to be walking around, so one of us had to be holding, feeding, loving, entertaining him at all times. But even still, we caught some fish! 🙂 At the end of the day, Reynen just sat down and threw dirt all over himself….what a boy.

We’ve seen both sides of the family this month too. We got to see my parents and littlest brother, Joel, on their way back from registering for classes at Ouachita Baptist in Arkansas.  Then last weekend we saw Andrew’s parents and sister at her last dance show.  We also CELEBRATED Katey’s 18th birthday.

I’ve also helped Allison & Josh CELEBRATE his new job by house hunting in Granbury with Allison. Josh watched the kiddos for us all day (what a tropper!) and we drove around all day, hanging out as sisters. It was such a good time together. I also saw the Dollars while I was there, which was the cherry on top!

I also CELEBRATED my 1st Mother’s Day. Reynen gave me a hug! Andrew wrote me a sweet note, we ate with our friends at Pei Wei and had good conversation, and then I got a frappuccino!  The day was a reminder of how truly blessed I am to be a mother. I’m so grateful.

We also CELEBRATED Chirst rising from the grave this month. If he hadn’t been raised from the dead, all hope would be lost.  So I am thankful that he did and that he offers me hope through his resurrected life.

So as you can see, we have been CELEBRATING A LOT over here and have even more to do with graduations and birthdays coming up in a few weeks!


Snow Day! February 17, 2011

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Well I guess it’s been over a week now since the snow came in to BCS. This was the 3rd year in a row for us! We could hardly contain our enthusiasm. Reynen on the other hand wasn’t as interested. In fact he was pretty fussy when we were getting him “geared” up for the cold weather. But he was a good sport once he was outside.

Here’s some photos from that day.


It’s Begining to Look A Lot Like Christmas December 20, 2010

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Thought I’d share what our little home looks like this Christmas.

home for the holidays


The Living Room/Nursery

our tree

I had fun trying to wrap some gifts all pretty like

the reason for the season

our dining room (with my beautiful Poinsetta flowers that Andrew bought me) 🙂

So there’s a little Christmasy cottage for ya.  I love being at home.  It’s a blessing to have the tree and decorations.  Funny enough we actually like our home better WITH the crib in it than without.  In addition to our festive decor, here’s a few other pictures of things that make me smile:

cutie cousins

my wonderful family!

my sweet sister teaching me how to make these cool magazine christmas trees

i love her!

Reynen loves being outdoors!

So many things to be greatly thankful for! Love to you all this Christmas!


Spring Break, Men’s Retreat & Easter Weekend April 6, 2010

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The whole family out at Tyler State Park

Picking up from the last blog post! We spent Spring Break with my family the first part of the week in Tyler, staying with Allison & Josh.  It was a blast to be all together again since Christmas! We went out to Lake Tyler and had a fun time fishing, canoeing, and taking a long nature hike.  We got Andy’s Frozen Custard while we were there. It was delicious stuff man! I’ve never had custard before, but it was a yummy new experience.  We also saw Josh and the pine cove guys play and win a local softball game, went to Cheddars, went shopping all over Tyler’s baby outlets and consignment shops, watched Hoodwinked, talked about questions of faith and life, and got Einstein’s bagels.  We had a blast being together.  It was so much fun.

We got a chance to hang out with Joseph & Courtney Patty that Thursday night and eat dinner together, which was also fun.  We’ll be missing them come August when they head out for seminary 😦

Then that next weekend of Spring break we went over to the little bitty town of Hornbeck, LA to visit Andrew’s grandfather Lewis and his girlfriend Gloria. They were full of so much humor and hospitality.  Gloria cooked great meals for us and her sons were funny.  We got to plant watermelon for Gloria’s son who owns land behind her house.  That was fun! I had never done any serious hand planting before but it was great.  It made me feel like the days when workers would be out in the fields singing old gospel songs.  So of course I started singing a little bit 🙂 Lewis and Gloria took us out to a catfish joint where Andrew tried fried alligator for the first time.  It’s actually pretty good.  Time with them was restful and we were really glad to have seen them.

Andrew's grandfather Lewis and his girlfriend Gloria

Us at Gloria's house


Andrew was gone on the Men’s Retreat this weekend at Bastrop State Park. The theme this year was “Radical Men of God.”  He had a really great time and was affirmed by men in our body in a meaningful way.  I was so thankful just to listen to him talk about all that God had encouraged him with and through whom. I love listening to him talk.  I am so thankful for our men’s times. I know it’s so essential for them and their growth and strengthening as they seek to be Godly men, heads of their homes, and leaders in the church.  Praise God for our wonderful guys!

While he was away,  I got some good girl time in. Friday I got to meet up with Neva at Sweets for some disclipeship time where we took a Lies We Battle survey and then discussed our top lies.  It’s not easy for me to assess my deep rooted untruths sometimes and I pray for enlightenment into the places that I do struggle, because I KNOW I do.

Saturday I hung out with Laura Ritchie, who is just newly engaged to Chris Edwards, and got to hear her engagement story.  Saturday afternoon I got to have tea party time with Fellowship church married/soon to be married women at Neva’s home.  Always a fun time.  Then meet up with Rachel Holland and Faith and had some good chat time at Sweets.

Sunday I was privileged to speak with Neva for the morning service on a hard thing God has asked me to do.  I spoke about modesty and tried to encourage our women (and a few guys not on men’s retreat 😉 ) to remember God will enable us to obey his commands through his powerful spirit within us.  He won’t ask us to do something his power won’t enable us to do. And also to seek God’s heart on each issue that is toughest.  We will often see his love and sweetness in the command and then our hearts will be softened towards obedience.  It was a blessing to be up there with Neva.  And praise the Lord! A girl from a HG went to her leader and asked if she’d go through her clothing with her sometime.  And another lady came up and thanked me for bringing out the issue of having a modest heart.  You know, you don’t always hear how the Lord will use you, but it’s cool when you get to see how’s he’s spoken to people through what he’s laid on your heart. I was thankful for God speaking and encouraging the women of our body.


Praise God, my doctor says I don’t need to worry about my placenta placement any longer. It moved up as it needed to! Thanks for the prayers.  Our little guy has been kicking up a storm and it feels pretty strange.  I love him so much already and can’t wait to meet him soon!


This past weekend we went to Andrew’s dad’s house. Andrew & I had a date morning on Friday drawing each other collages of items/images/symbols that represented the other person. We made blueberry french toast and had a relaxing time together. On our way to Houston we stopped and took blue bonnet pictures!

Darrel & Susan took us out to eat at Gringos Mexican restaurant on Friday evening. On Saturday Susan and I grabbed Einstein’s Bros. bagels and coffee and then later we met up with my Nana at a tea room in League City. That was fun! Tearooms are so dainty 🙂 We shopped around a little bit and then went home.  I got to watch some HGTV this weekend. I really enjoy watching those shows and since we don’t have any kind of cable TV it’s always a special treat for me. Darrel & Andrew went fishing and only caught a crab 😦 and Darrel caught a sunburn.  We grilled steaks that night and then Andrew & I got to go together and look at Babies R’ Us strollers.

Sunday we went to Gateway Community church. The message was really good. He spoke on the “what if.” What is Jesus had never been raised from the dead? Our lives would look SO HUGELY different. We would be hopeless and selfishness would be the greatest virtue if all we have is this life. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15 that if we hope in a Christ who wasn’t raised at all we are to be pitied the most of all people! So thankful that Jesus wasn’t a liar and did everything he said he would. My prayer is that I will live remembering he has defeated death and sin each day. We had a relaxing time on Sunday followed by a yummy Eater feast made by Susan.

In light of Easter and reading an article on it’s roots, Andrew & I have been talking about what we’d like to do as a family to celebrate Easter. Our friend Elaine brought up a great idea. Rather than doing a traditional egg hunt, doing a TREASURE HUNT and focusing on the theme that Jesus is the pearl of great price/buried treasure! Cool huh?! We think so.  It’s been good to talk through things like this in light of our upcoming baby boy to raise!


Buffalo Crossing February 2, 2010

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This past Saturday night was the second time Andrew & I met up with my sister and brother-in-law in Buffalo, TX.  It’s the half way point for both of us from here to Tyler. Just so happens that Buffalo is called “The Crossing Place” in Texas. Ha. Fancy that. Works for us!

Last time we ate in this hole in the wall BBQ joint, that I honestly was pretty skeptical of at first glance.  But it had really great food and we had some laughs.  This time we ate in a hole in the wall pizza joint called Mickey’s Pizza.  It was delicious! Great eggplant Parmesan & pizza. It’s fun to find these little bitty places with awesome food.  We had a great time together and laughed a lot.  After pizza we went to DQ for ice cream.  It was freezing outside on Saturday night, so we just grabbed the blankets from the trunk and sat inside and ate ice cream.  It was a fun rendezvous in Buffalo, TX for sure.

Here’s some pics from the night:

Josh showing off his cool look - thermal underwear under holey pants

Josh posing all cool

More ridiculous behavior


Josh teaching Andrew how to do the cool swing arm "it's whatever" stance


It’s been a while…but we’re here! January 6, 2010

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Happy New Year! Sorry I haven’t’ kept up with the blogster in a while.  It’s been a family filled and surprise filled month.

For starters we said good-bye to our sweet friends David and Julianna MacKenzie to Houston job offer. We were sad to see them go.  Then we celebrated our birthdays by going to Houston ourselves for the day on Saturday the 12th. Andrew took me to Ikea, then we went and walked around the Galleria, got massages their, and then lastly went to Bennihana for dinner. Wowweee, it was awesome.  If you’ve never been, it’s one of those places that cooks the food there in front of you.  It’s a nice and long relaxing meal and fun to be apart of.

That next week Andrew got a call on the last Thursday of the fall semester to come in and interview for an 8th grade math teaching position at Davila Middle School in Bryan! The next day he went in, had a lot of favor from the people who’d seen him sub there and was offered the job in about 15 min! Talk about God coming in at the PERFECT timing! He’s never late, but rarely early! haha.  He had us holding out, believing and asking for a job for a while, and he came through to provide this job on the last day! Sweet.  We are rejoicing in his provision and especially the wonder and awe of his timing.  Keep him in your prayers as all this is new and his students will be pretty hard to handle at times.

That weekend was spent at my Nana’s house for our Christmas with her. It was a quick trip to get back for worship practice, but it was so fun. Love my Nana to death! Then the next weekend was as you know, Christmas.  We went down to my parents this year for Christmas. Josh and Allison got to come down from Tyler, Memama and Gdaddy survived the blizzard conditions all day to get there, and Stephen was home from college. We had a blast. We did 2 puzzles, watched White Christmas, played Bible Trivia, Quelf, and Scene It.  We had lots of amazing food and we had a sweet time of prayer and worship as a family.  That’s one of my favorite parts –worshiping together.  We got lots of great gifts.  Mom even did a stocking for Baby Balthrop and Baby LeJeune!

During our stay, we got a call from Andrew’s dad that his Aunt Sharon’s husband was surprisingly killed Christmas Eve morning after a tree fell on their trailer.  She was laying right next to him and rolled over in time, but he got the blunt of it and died instantly.  We were all very shocked and saddened by the news.  My thoughts went immediately to where he was with the Lord.  Andrew and I don’t know where he stood.  It always awakens my heart to remember that death is final and eternal.  We have one life and one life to choose to follow or reject Christ.  I was concerned and afraid, asking if we’d ever shared with him.  My dad reminded me that he heard the gospel at our wedding.  He did hear the message of Christ and the wedding banquet of the Lamb and those that are written in the Book of Life.  It brought comfort to my heart that he did hear, but still we are unsure of where he stood.

After spending Christmas with my family, we spent some time the next week with Darrel and Susan and visited Andrew’s mom Tracy and her husband Craig.  This was also good time.  We played the Wii and played several Spades games that were intense!  I got really sore from bowling on the Wii! My forearm was sore after all that bowling and tennis action.

Our baby is growing! We are about 17 weeks right now and my uterus is hard to the touch if you poke on it.  Last Sunday was the first time I’m almost positive that I felt the baby move. It was like a small spasm in my muscle, like a small flutter.  🙂  That was really neat and special. And since then I’ve felt them a few more times.  We get to find out on the 13th whether it’s a boy or girl.  I’m excited to know and start planning on names for this little bundle.   I’ll let you all know when we know!

And as for preparing for this child, we were trying to move this month to be able to settle in to a new place and get it baby ready.  Well we asked the Lord if he wanted us to move now to open doors for an awesome place to come around that fit our needs.  We looked and got stressed looking and searching and driving here and there.  It was kind of hectic and a whirlwind.  But then yesterday we found out that our financial situation with Andrew’s job was going to be a little different than we had planned, and so after finding nothing that just blew us away and provided the price that we needed, we felt it was the last door closed and decided not to move right now, but to wait till April or May.

Now I really wanted to move to get things ready and have time to settle a new place before my world turns upside down, but I’m trusting in the Lord’s plan for us and his timing.  We are still asking God to open the door for a jewel of a place, as Kyndall said to me.   We want a jewel of a place that is comfortable, clean, closer to Andrew’s work, has 2 bedrooms, is in a safe part of town, and for the right price that we think is doable for us. Will you ask God for a gem of a place that exceeds our imaginations or expectations.  God is able.  He did that for us with our current place and we’ve been so blessed and so grateful for it.  So ask God for perfect timing, and smooth moving transition (I’ll really preggo and am not sure how I’ll be feeling) into a jewel of a place come April/May.


Oh Baby! December 1, 2009

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If you haven’t heard yet, and most of you probably have,  Andrew and I are pregnant!

We’re a little over 12 weeks now and excited about our baby.  It’s been a  good pregnancy so far for me. Not too much morning sickness or problems. I’ve had some, but nothing too severe.

We were thinking it would be fun not to find out the sex, but I think these days with how good the ultrasounds are, we’re going to end up knowing.  However, I really like neutrals anyways and will go with those instead of your traditional pink & blue everything.  I’ve been starting to make a wish list of baby things, which is fun for me!

My sister Allison is also pregnant, and only about 2 weeks ahead of me!…so here come the cousins right around the same time 🙂  It’s been fun for our family and for me to have my sister and I pregnant at the same time.  It will be one busy summer for our family!

I’m just so excited to see what he/she will look like and be like…that probably excites me the absolute most right now.  I can’t wait to be holding that little bundle! Andrew is really excited too.  He’s going to be a great daddy; I know it.

Pray for us as we prepare.  All this is so new and kinda scary.  Pregnancy is one of those new experiences that I have no idea what it will be like.  BUT I’m praying I will know and believe God will not leave me, even in the hospital as I give birth.  He will be there with me through it all.  And so will Andrew.  So I’m praying through my fears and asking the Lord to help me not fret or fear.  He loves me and our little baby.

Also, keep Andrew in your prayers as he continually is applying for many new jobs and waiting on his provision, however it comes.

Love you all!