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Home Creativity October 6, 2008

I want this page to be for the creative ventures for fixing, cooking, and organizing around the house! Hopefully we’ll have some good things to put here! Otherwise we may need your help in unleashing some creative juices!

Wednesday: October 8, 2008-  “Meat Mallet?”

The past two days as I’ve been cooking my recipes called for me to use a meat mallet. I didn’t have one around the house, so I used Andrew’s hammer instead. It’s the same concept right? I will have you know that I did sanitize it before and after use. Andrew just laughed at me when I told him to get me the hammer last night as I was cooking. So there you go…when without a meat mallet, use a hammer!


Friday: October 24, 2008 – “Saving Moolah!”

So who doesn’t like saving money? I know I do. I thought I’d list a few things to get your creative juices flowing on ways to save a little cash here and there. These are things I’ve recently discovered, many of which have come from my wise husband:

  1. Reuse plastic bags. Take your sandwhich bag that only has a few crumbs, hand rinse it out, and let it dry on a dish rack. You can reuse these multiple times, especially if you’re not carrying oily foods in them!
  2. Make your own.  Take inventory first of your home decorating supplies before going out to buy curtains, pillows, wall decor, etc. If you have scrap fabric, thread, and a needle/sewing machine you can easily make yourself some curtains, some small pillows for your couch and chairs. Take a picture frame, make a cool collage of old cards, fabric scraps, buttons, ribbon, paper on a piece of heavy cardstock or paper and then place in as if it were a picture. Tada- wall art that matches your unique style!
  3. Check your frig.  This should kind of go without saying, but check your refrigerator BEFORE you go to the groccery store. You don’t want to overbuy and waste dollars & if you’re like me with very little pantry and storage space, you might wind up frustrated you can’t put your goods anywhere. It’s a good practice to try to get creative with what you already have in your kitchen.
  4. Plan ahead. Since Andrew & I are on a tight budget and as my grandmother says of our budget: “You must eat like birds.” But this isn’t true. We eat like Kings. Or at least that’s how we feel. We have variety, flavoring and health most times. It’s good to sit down and plan out what you want to cook that week. This may save you some money rather than buying and end up not knowing what to make, tying you into a return trip to the store for more items later on. So what I do before shopping is sit with all my cookbooks and go through receipes looking for ones that contain things I already have or ones that require fewer purchases for that week. I make a menu for the week of what we will be having each night, taking into consideration what activities are happening those nights. For instance on Monday’s since I meet with a girl one-on-one, I know I won’t have time to make something elaborate. The crockpot comes in handy these nights. So plan ahead and save panic, money and sanity. 😀


Wednesday: November 12, 2008- “Sewing, My New Hobby”

It’s true. I love sewing now. It’s so fun to create and design.  I’m going to make Andrew & I’s first stockings! Awww. We’ll also be doing most of our own in house decorating using paper snowflakes, our own christmas cards strung on a ribbon, candles, a wreath (I did buy this), a real tree (since we don’t have any storage afterwards for a fake one), strings of cranberries & popcorn, and red and gren paper! So far I’ve sewn a baby bib and some soft plush baby cubes. Next will be finishing the last cube (set of 3) and starting on christmas gifts and stockings!


Soft Baby Cube


Soft Baby Cube

Tuesday, January 13, 2009: “Money Saver Blogs”
Well, I’ve been studying how to save more money and really paying closer attention to coupons, sales, and groccery prices. I now wouldn’t do so badly at the Price Is Right game! 😀 So, I wanted to pass along my friends blog to you out there that want to learn to use coupons or want to gain a leg up on some great deals. Rachel has some great links to other people’s sites where you can figure out ways to earn and save money as well as her own finds. She posts things everyday!
Visit her at the Surviving The Stores” blog!

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